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  1. CraneTaker77

    Another House, Golden Beach

    Yea, I'm sure it happens everywhere, I thought you were implying that I "gun my car " by them and cause them to give me nasty looks, which I don't, I wouldn't want them to come and vandalize my house. It's not hard to figure out where someone lives, when they are always out on the roads. I just...
  2. CraneTaker77

    Another House, Golden Beach

    I actually meant go by them. There will be 4 people and they will intentionally stand side by side across the road and wait until the last minute to get out of your way. I mean I know pedestrians have the right of way, but they are doing it to be little bastards. I've been in my yard and seen...
  3. CraneTaker77

    Another House, Golden Beach

    The house was vacant. I don't think it's listed for sale yet because it was a recent for closure I believe. It's kind of scary knowing that there is possibly an arsonist running around in my neighborhood. I wouldn't be surprised if they turn out to be the teenagers in the neighborhood who are...
  4. CraneTaker77

    Golden Beach Car Break-In's

    hahaha :killingme
  5. CraneTaker77

    Golden Beach Car Break-In's

    They are if you take them to a pawn shop, especially sawsall's, drills, and other power tools. Also an electrician van would have had copper wire on it as well...
  6. CraneTaker77

    Golden Beach Car Break-In's

    I realize that, the change part was just one of the instances I had heard. The guy I work with his neighbor's electrician van was broken into and all they took was change, they didn't bother to take the tools or anything. Just the change out of the ashtray. They also stole the purse out of his...
  7. CraneTaker77

    Golden Beach Car Break-In's

    I honestly think that it's the neighborhood kids, borrowing someones car ie, the parents. There are always teenagers just walking up and down the streets in the beach all the time. The little turds intentionally block the road when your driving down the street, and then give you a nasty look...
  8. CraneTaker77

    Golden Beach Car Break-In's

    I heard they also got a street on Shoreview as well in the beach. They are just breaking into cars and stealing change from some of them. It's really pathetic, almost better to leave your car unlocked, just so you don't have to pay for a busted window, just for some change!
  9. CraneTaker77

    Golden Beach Car Break-In's

    FYI they are breaking into cars in Golden Beach again. Might want to not leave your valuables in sight. They are breaking in just to steal change. A guy I work with lives just past the signs on the way out of the beach and has security cameras on his house and captured them on tape. It's a dark...
  10. CraneTaker77

    Officer shoots dog in front of owner

    Everyone keeps saying that this dog is a Shepard type size dog. It's a Australian blue heeler cattle dog I thought those were a smaller dog. In the picture of "Cisco" he looks like a pretty small sized dog like a Jack Russell maybe a little big bigger. He doesn't look like he is the size of a...
  11. CraneTaker77

    Hey, Sorry I'm just now getting to you, I only ever get on here when I'm at work during the...

    Hey, Sorry I'm just now getting to you, I only ever get on here when I'm at work during the week. My Dad's been hard to catch lately because he hasn't been spending that much time up there lately, you see he had a stroke in September, and he's just now been getting up there when it's warm and...
  12. CraneTaker77

    Walking your cat on a leash..

    heres a pic from last year, I actually had one on my work computer.
  13. CraneTaker77

    Walking your cat on a leash..

    haha you could say that, he's a big built cat. He has huge paws, and a bulky body. I really do think he thinks he's a dog sometimes...
  14. CraneTaker77

    Walking your cat on a leash..

    My cat Smokey has walked on a leash since he was about two years old. He's an indoor cat. I was bored one day and put a leash and collar on him and he loved it. All I had to do was hold up his leash and collar and shake it a little bit and he would come running from where ever he was sleeping...
  15. CraneTaker77

    Ufo ?

    I live in Golden Beach, and I heard the same thing, it was when NCIS was on so it was around 8 o'clock. It sounded real low, I heard it twice about two minutes apart. At first it sounded like that sound Chalk Point power plant makes when it lets steam out, but then I realized it wasn't. I didn't...
  16. CraneTaker77

    Fleas/Scabs/Weight Loss

    my cat smokey gets like this in the summer time. your cat could have a flea allergy, all it takes is just one bite and they start itching. he was so bad, he had scabs all over him too. he would sleep with me and wake me up all the time from digging and scratching. so we started putting the...
  17. CraneTaker77

    Sending stuff to A'stan??

    The company I work for just did this. We partnered with a group at Fort Meade, and sent out 75 individual care packages. The big thing not to send was anything containing pork, I guess because of the Muslim religion. We also collected used CD's, DVD's and magazines too to send over. They also...
  18. CraneTaker77

    BBQ in Southern Maryland

    That place just started a couple of months ago so maybe they're still trying to work the kinks out? . Try Griffins next to Freds they might be better. Bear Creek in Calloway is good as well. I personally prefer Randy's in Hughesville. I always get the sliced porked sandwich and onion rings. I...
  19. CraneTaker77

    Heat Pump Replacement Costs

    You can get a pretty good deal if you know a steamfitter who is a service technician. They usually can get the equipment from Aireco, or RE Michael at a very low price. Especially if the company they work for does alot of business with them. Plus when they're doing it on the side, they don't...
  20. CraneTaker77

    ONLY in Maryland....literally

    They shouldn't force it upon kids, some kids just aren't interested in science. When I was in High School, I opted to take more science classes. I took enviromental, and AP Biology. Simply because the fact that it has intersted me ever since I was a little kid, that and history. And in my...