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    Berdini Motor

    My apologies if this is posted in the wrong area: I did not find an area where this is appropriate, I am trying to gain some on hands tutoring to explain how the Bedini motor works and put one together. If you know of anyone willing to extend some tutoring, please PM me with their info so I...
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    Snake identification

    We have a lotus garden in our front yard, with gold fish in it. While seating the in the dinning room I notice something colorful was moving around along the side of the pond. I ran outside to see, it was one of the gold fish being dragged by a snake. Can someone help me identify what is it...
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    Southern Maryland Corvette Club

    Southern Maryland Corvette Club is holding their first ever and hope to be an annual event "Poker Run". This is to benefit local "Food Bank/Pantries, Toys for Tots and Business, Education and Community Alliance (BECA) scholaship". If don't know what BECA is, this is an arena where the local...
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    Target Shooting

    About a year ago I decided to get into target shooting, the problem is finding somewhere to shoot. The range on great mills has a waiting list and the start up members is out of my range. I have a friend with property she said I can shoot there. I am looking for a reference with the...
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    Corvette Owners

    Veterans day Parade at Leonardtown, in it will be Southern Maryland Corvette Club (SMCC). All corvette owners are invited to be part of it, we are meeting in Leonardtown MacDonald at 7:15 departing at 7:30 for the parade line up at Ryken High School. Come and join other corvette enthusiast...
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    The Dragon

    Met a "Green Knight" through my corvette club, told me about their trip to the "Dragon" over the week end. Of course, since I have not taken my "Ultra" there. I crash their trip joined them, the "Green Nights" are DoD any Arm service club at Andrew promoting motorcycle safety for the troops...
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    Bow Hunting

    I am new to shooting a bow, initially for target shooting. Now that I feel I can group my arrows in 3-4" circle, I would like to attempt hunting with a bow. What type of initial equipment I need to do this? Any suggestion which model tree stand to get. I have several tall oak trees in my...
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    Burt's Dinner Friday Night

    Your local Southern Maryland Corvette Club has a Friday Night Cruise to Burt's Dinner. Meeting place is Wildwood shopping center at 5:30. So if you want to share your passion for your corvette or if you are a "gearhead" come and join us.
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    Polishing Up

    Polish up on your riding skills with "Slow Riding" technique, these skills is what the motor officer use for their training. Ride with confidence in hadling your bike, from sports to dress. In confined space and make "U-Turn" in an area as small as 20-24 feet (two lane road), ride slow at a...
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    Web site

    Hello everyone, I am a member of the Southern Maryland corvette Club (SMCC). Unfortunately none of the members are familiar or trained in developing a web site: this is a web site of another club I belong to. - online home of the National Capital Fiat Club The corvette club...