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  1. MiddleGround

    Hollwood Burchmart LEO activity

    Anybody know what was going on at the Hollywood Burchmart this morning? Had about 6 LEO cars in the parking lot with 2 more on the way lights a blazin'!
  2. MiddleGround

    HVFD Parking Lot

    When did they start using the HVFD parking lot as a Park-n-Ride for DC folks? Was this a result of that committee meeting regarding transportation that happened a few weeks ago?
  3. MiddleGround

    Missing 5yo Autistic boy

    Wanted to get this out there for more eyes/ears. INCIDENT ALERT: Units just dispatched to Benjamin Banneker ES in Loveville for a reported Search Party. 1:52 PM: Reports of a Missing 5 year old, with a disorder. Trooper 7 is over the area. Police on the scene surrounding the school and premise...
  4. MiddleGround

    A comparison...

    Empire State Building: Completed and open in 1 year 45 days. Sears Tower: Completed and open in 3 years. SOMD Corner of Rte 235 and Airport Road: 3 years... and counting! Still under construction
  5. MiddleGround

    Just a quick message...

    Even on Christmas Eve, the cut-n-pastes and political fighting is alive and well here..... DAMN it must suck to be some of you. ... That is all
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    Eagles game Black Out on DTV???

    Anyone know why the Eagles/Texans game is blacked out on DirecTV right now?? Its on CBS (Channel 9) and says "Technical Difficulties but it has been out since the start of the game!
  7. MiddleGround

    Campaign... Promise???

    I see that quite a lot of our election hopefuls are campaigning on the "Traffic" issue. Does anyone really think something will be done about it? If so, who do you think would make the greatest impact?
  8. MiddleGround

    Dear 97.7 The Rocket owners...

    Please, please, please... for the love of all that is holy and good in this world... do SOMETHING with your station! For the last 6 months to a year, The Rocket has been absolutely terrible! You have ZERO on-air talent. The music is extremely tiresome. You no longer sponsor local events or...
  9. MiddleGround

    Red Light Cameras

    I am not in favor of them BUT, damn... they would make a mint off of them around here. Amazes me how many people try to gun it through the intersections. No wonder there are so many T-bone accidents :doh:
  10. MiddleGround

    The John McCaim tribute extravaganza!!!

    I know John McCain served his country. I know he was a P.O.W. My question is... do other ex-military serving Senators get the same kind of 5-star memorial service that McCain is getting?? Seems to me that he is getting the 'Sitting President of the USA just died in office as a national hero'...
  11. MiddleGround

    Must be nice...

    Just saw a guy using a JSF government vehicle to pick up lunch at Mission BBQ. Your tax dollars at work :yay:
  12. MiddleGround

    Yet another victim

    Anyone driving NB on 235 around 4:30pm yesterday got to experience the aftermath of yet another instance of superior merge/turn lane driving! Another cycle rider did their best Superman impression while driving 60MPH down the lane that is designed and supposed to be used for merging or turning...
  13. MiddleGround

    Powdercoating service??

    Anyone know where I could get some aluminum pieces powdercoated around the local area? Hopefully NOT for an arm and a leg. TIA.
  14. MiddleGround

    Almost 53 Billion

    That is how much Disney paid to purchase Fox. Crazy!!!
  15. MiddleGround

    Custom sheet metal work??

    Didn't know where else to post this so... Looking to get some sheet metal (aluminum or steel) cut and bent to some custom specifications. Does anyone know where I can have this done at? For a reasonable price?? The metal sheet would be around 24" x 15" total Looking at using 18GA to 16GA...
  16. MiddleGround

    Yet another T-bone accident at Deloitte building!!!

    There was yet another T-bone accident just in front of the Deloitte building (across from NFCU on 235) Another instance of someone trying to make a U-turn onto NB 235 during afternoon rush hour and an idiot racing up the merge lane to get ahead hit them doing about 45-50MPH! This is the 4th...
  17. MiddleGround

    BEWARE: Montage Furniture Warranty

    This is a warning to anyone who will be purchasing new furniture in the near and distant future. Summarized to avoid getting lengthy: I purchased a sectional couch and dining room set from Raley's in Lexington Park about 1 year ago. Along with the purchase, I was talked into adding the...
  18. MiddleGround

    DirecTV freezing

    I have the new Genie 2 system from DirecTV (the one with the seperate wireless tower) and ever since I got the upgrade I see that the programing freezes at least once per hour and often more than that. The screen freezes and no sound for about 4-5 seconds and then it comes back. This happens on...