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  1. Monello

    NASCAR Bank of America 400

    Kyle Busch Hamlin Truex jr. Blaney Keselowski
  2. Monello

    IKEA apologizes for cultural food mishap

    A few SJW are boohooing online about cultural inappropriateness. I hope the new version has fish heads in the rice. Interesting observation is that IKEA is being ridiculed for not knowing that caribbean peas are actually beans. But no mention of Jamaicans being ignorant by calling beans peas...
  3. Monello

    Porn company seeks NFL QB's endorsement

    May as well get a few bucks out of the deal. He already has the mustache. living the dream
  4. Monello

    You have 6 months to live, how do you play it?

    You're terminal. You have your mobility, your wits, some strength. How do your last days play out? Do you wander off far from society? Maybe go on an apology tour? How about righting some injustices in the world? What are they gonna do? By trial time, you'll be dead anyway. Travel the...
  5. Monello

    Giving financial advice

    Something I never do now. Here's the back story. Something happened today that made me think back to this encounter from around 35 years ago. Stationed overseas, we got our mail at work. 1 person went over to the HQ and got the mail which was then given out where we worked. 1 day a co...
  6. Monello

    Illegal impersonates dead man, collects $88K in assistance

    Doing the work that legal Americans wouldn't dream of doing. So just walk in and get copies of some deceased person's vital records. Then photoshop a few documents and voila, you're a citizen. I bet this isn't the only case of this happening. Any guess how many more are out there. Time to...
  7. Monello

    Porch pirates steal all, including a kitchen sink

    A few bait packages should take care of these and similar bozos. Imagine carrying a sink off of someone's porch? not many pleasant things associated with this colon
  8. Monello

    DOD Spelling Bee

    First up was a marine. His word was FARM. He was quite disappointed when they told him that E, I, E, I, O was incorrect.
  9. Monello

    Good thing she didn't need to drop a deux

    I've seen this in emerging countries. I guess we are on our way to a 3rd world nation. Video in the link, if you care.
  10. Monello

    Dear White teacher, go easy on the dark kids

    Teaching is hard enough without additional BS piled on from the administration. Obama made it worse with his policy of not suspending black students, even if they were physically violent with staff. damned if you do
  11. Monello

    Couple blows $120K bank error money in < 3 weeks

    What did they think? The bank was just gonna let them keep the money? santa came early
  12. Monello

    Pedophile prisoner gets a jailhouse baptism

    Cellie held his head in the toilet until he calmed down. Dude was released from custody a short time later. justice is served
  13. Monello

    Straight pride parade shows the left's intolerance

    Hate is a pretty strong word. So pride for me but none for thee? Why does Monica get to make that call? All are accepted, except those people over there. How inclusive of you. A congresswoman using hateful language to describe a bunch of citizens exercising their first amendment rights...
  14. Monello

    Yellowstone = SOA

    The more episodes I watch of Yellowstone, the more flashbacks I see of Sons of Anarchy. Both have crazy female leads. Both have local police that look the other way to crime. Lead law enforcement is highly compromised. Both have underachieving sons that married professional women. Those women...
  15. Monello

    Fall/Winter 2019 Itinerary

    Leaving the Grand Canyon area in a few weeks. We are heading back for our 2nd winter in South Padre Island, TX. We enjoyed our month there last year, so this year we will stay for pretty much the entire winter. So these are our stops heading out of northern Arizona. Gallup, NM Santa Fe, NM...
  16. Monello

    Teen guilty of kiddie porn for sharing video of her giving head

    Actions have consequences people. Best to learn this lesson early in life. I think this girl is a close relative to Forrest Gump. bet she's not lacking guys asking her out
  17. Monello

    Hugging bandit arrested

    Amazing that people fall for these scams. Often I'm asked for a few bucks when I'm at a convenience store but that's about it for me as far as grifters go. Growing up I heard about the roving gypsies that came around and scammed home owners. Stationed in Europe, they were always begging in...
  18. Monello

    Why it's important to obey the police

    Armed man going into a Burger King. Tossed things around, assaults employees and points a gun at several people. The police are called about a man with a gun. 45 seconds worth of telling him to put down his weapon. He refused and he gets a couple of doses of highly accurate lead injections...
  19. Monello

    Alexandria Bay, NY

    Has anyone been there? What was your impression?
  20. Monello

    LtD is forum member # 25,000

    That is all.