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  1. GoodnessME

    Why do we impeach?

    And IF it gets to the Senate any and all persons of "interest" can and will be called to testify...Including Hillary because it reflects back to the Obama administration...and then under oath the truth will come out...unless they commit perjury. ...whmembers.A Strong possibly considering the...
  2. GoodnessME

    Boboli pizza crusts

    Foodlion in Leonardtown has them. Look around the dairy section.
  3. GoodnessME

    Pal'ing around with terrorists

    Lets start with their college transcript.
  4. GoodnessME

    Trump's rally in NH tonight?

    Depends on who you ask and where. ..
  5. GoodnessME

    Happy birthday, Duponster!

    Happy Birthday. ...many more to come!!!
  6. GoodnessME

    NASA headed towards giant golden asteroid that could make everyone on Earth a billionaire

    Do we, the tax payer, get our share? After all we are funding this...
  7. GoodnessME

    Got Carded

    If they have to ck ID's that is OK. However, they will have a hard time cking my NEW & IMPROVED MD license. care bearly see ANY. of the opinion.
  8. GoodnessME

    For those who aren't paying attention

    Did s/he just describe THE WON???
  9. GoodnessME

    When YOUR State Sucks and No One Wants to Retire There

    We can say the same thing about the illegals flooding the USA...not to mention the Muslims. ...just my take on the matter..
  10. GoodnessME


    Well.....this is outdated....asking about the 2016 election when we already know the outcome...DUH...
  11. GoodnessME

    JP Sears Mocks The ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Date Rape Controversy. It's Brilliant.

    God help us when they start to complain about Elvis' ONE NIGHT WITH YOU...but yet streetrap is PERFECTLY. Ok???Get a grip...
  12. GoodnessME


    Dameron Day Care
  13. GoodnessME

    Furniture buying places

    Pickers Paradise in Hollywood has Good Furniture at a great price...You won't find a better deal anywhere...
  14. GoodnessME

    Kaine Says Trump Jr. Might Have Committed 'Treason.'

    And HRC didn't????????? Get over it and move on.....
  15. GoodnessME

    Restaurant imposes stealthy dumbazz tax

    That is the new math!!!
  16. GoodnessME

    Good for you, Katy Perry!

    Don't forget to send your contribution to the Clinton Foundation.....I am sure the Government may pull THAT funding.....Already saving us money!!!!!!! WHOOOO.......
  17. GoodnessME

    Something to Think About.....

    :elaine:Something to think about...... As I was reading a post on FB-- POOF it disappears. I was able to read enough to get the drift...The more I think about it the more I become concerned. This is my take on what I read...Hillary will be doubt in my mind...but between November 9th...
  18. GoodnessME

    The House

    Maybe she wants the next house she moves into to be built the same way.....seeing has how this one is so GRAND!!! BS!!!! Got to keep up know. Got to be PROUD of something that is AMERICAN made!!!!!
  19. GoodnessME

    Makes Sense

    What gets me is that there is an UPROAR over the HACK and not the content of the e-mails...Lets get real people and look beyond what the media is pushing!! God Help US!!!!
  20. GoodnessME

    LawnMower Repair

    Thanks.....I'll get all the belt & pulley checked!!! THANKS!!!!