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    Red Dragons

    if you know you know if you dont then you dont
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    anyone know the date bowhunting starts i havent checked yet
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    vick poll

    for or against?
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    db mcmillans

    i just want to say that they kick ass and are now the only restaurant i go to eat. so good job to them.
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    the scriptures

    im just wondering how citing scriptures is proof of anything. i would need proof of the scriptures before you could use them as an answer to anything.
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    marine and reef

    check out a local club for marine reef keeping.
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    2012 end of the world?

    what do you think?
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    rir's wont lay

    so i got some rir's from the farmers market about 6 monthes ago. at the ime they were supposed to be about 4 monthes old. i feed them a laying crumble and give them water everyday i built them nesting boxes and filled them with pine shavings. no sign of them laying yet. any ideas?