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  1. PeoplesElbow

    Looking for a doctor for elderly stroke survivor

    My primary care is not accepting new patients, I am looking for a doctor or nurse practitioner that would be a good fit for an elderly stroke survivor. A woman is preferable, but not entirely required. It can't be anyone with a strong foreign accent either, that wouldn't go over well.
  2. PeoplesElbow

    A voice of reason from.....Ellen Degeneres
  3. PeoplesElbow

    I saw this guy being an asshat the other day About a mile before him and his butt buddy in the silver car had the wreck while racing.
  4. PeoplesElbow

    Antonio Brown what a dick
  5. PeoplesElbow

    Anyone lose a debit card today?

    I came across someones debit card today. I tried to find their phone number by name and couldn't. If you misplaced your debit card today send me a PM with the details about it (color, bank, your name, and where you think you misplaced it) ad I will get hold of you. Otherwise I will pursue...
  6. PeoplesElbow

    Three Women, which one do I marry?

    Over the last year I dated three women but just couldn't decide which one I wanted to marry, so I decided to give each $1000 to see what they would do with it. Blonde: Spent it all on herself. Redhead: Spent half on herself and half on me. Brunette: Spent it all on me. Which one did...
  7. PeoplesElbow

    Zombie Tidal Wave!

    This weekend new movie on sci-fi called Zombie Tidal Wave, guess what its about.
  8. PeoplesElbow

    Is this where our free speech is going? The UK deserves to be mocked over crap like this.
  9. PeoplesElbow

    I saw the batmobile!

    I saw the batmobile being trailered down the road this weekend, twice, going east on Friday and going west today.
  10. PeoplesElbow

    Boeing 737 Max Fallout could be BIG

    The fallout from Boeing's 737 Max debacle is just starting to be felt, it could have a significant impact to the US and world economy. Boeing May Halt 737 Max Production Note to self, keep an eye on Boeing stock for the right time to buy.
  11. PeoplesElbow

    What a great day

    Glad I took it off, got so much done around the house.
  12. PeoplesElbow

    Buying a new car

    Considering on replacing my daily driver with a new car due to some life changing events. 1. What do I need to trade my current car, just the title? Its been so long I don't remember. 2. How far would you go to get a good price on what you want? 3. Is Maryland a pain in the ass if...
  13. PeoplesElbow

    The Challenger Disaster

    I watched this the other morning, it is available on Amazon Prime for free. It isn't a particularly exciting movie, but I really enjoyed it because the Challenger disaster shaped much of my life. I was in 6th grade at home on a snow day watching the launch live when it happened. Then later in...
  14. PeoplesElbow

    Blue Crabs first in pro baseball to ever steal first base
  15. PeoplesElbow

    Got a birthday card from Brian Crosby

    There was a post card in my mailbox today from Delegate Brian Crosby, I find that pretty creepy that a politician that i do not know is sending me a birthday card.
  16. PeoplesElbow

    BootyJudge Household has 6 figure student debt

    Well other than a funny name I reserved my judgement for him until now. You got your undergrad degree in 2004 and have that much debt still? You are an idiot. Signed Someone who paid off their student loans within five years and is only slightly older than you.
  17. PeoplesElbow

    Leonardtown man arrested at Drag Queen Story Hour Pretty sure this guy used the Navy email system a few years ago to sent out anti gay emails. I assumed Ashley was a woman.
  18. PeoplesElbow

    Any resources for what to do with an aging parent?

    I am trying to figure out what to do with an aging parent that I can't watch 24/7 that happens to need some assistance, but is somewhat mobile. I have no idea what to do, help.
  19. PeoplesElbow

    Anyone have Federal Long Term Care Insurance?

    Anyone have or ever use the Federal Long Term Care Insurance? I am looking for experiences with it.