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  1. gretchen

    Who do people say you look like?

    Ever been compared to a celeb? Who?
  2. gretchen

    What race/nationality are you?

    I'm Italian,both sides. A spicy meatball.
  3. gretchen

    Withrespect - this is for you

    I'm sleeping in my kids room on the floor right now.Why? Well... I felt something LARGE walk and then run up my back while I was in bed. Jumped out screaming and crying while hubby slowly pulled the blankets back. Guess what it was! A motherf'ing wood spider. Wood. Not wolf. Google this. It...
  4. gretchen

    Favorite things/people/places in So.Md.

    We all like to complain but let's have a thread about only things we love here,even if theyre gone now. Where do/did you love to go? What service people really make your day? It can be anyone or anything. Here's mine: Jared at Brandywine GameStop - super honest and great customer service...
  5. gretchen

    Who sells local cherries?

    I've looked at some of the farmers markets and can't find any.
  6. gretchen

    Scary people in the mountains?

    We're spending the day in Shenandoah and I overheard someone at breakfast saying there are family groups that still live deep in the mountains and basically that these places should be avoided at all costs. That they are violent,inbred,and nuts. At first I thought this is some 90's horror movie...
  7. gretchen

    Fat wives

    I can't help but notice in the thread about what would be banned that several commented about fat women and the things they wear. One post mentioned no yoga pants beyond size four. It called to mind something I've wondered for a long time - there are a lot of successful,attractive men with...
  8. gretchen

    Questions about seeing Walking Dead sites/tours

    Does anyone know if the film sites are areas private property and thus require a tour to access - such as Morgans apartment? Or are they all just out in the open? I've researched this and asked a few tour companies and they don't seem to want to answer. I know a lot of them are just old crappy...
  9. gretchen

    Driving to Atlanta and then on to Destin,Fl.

    I'm surprising my daughter with an impromptu trip to Atlanta and then we're going to Destin. Never been to either. Our main interests in Atlanta are the aquarium and Walking Dead sites and of course Destin is the beaches. First question - am I foolish to think I can drive from St. Marys to ATL...
  10. gretchen

    Deez Nuts

    Got em!:razz:
  11. gretchen

    Putting it here for more views:please help i.d. this illness

    My sister is 39. She had surgery late last summer and a day or so later,she noticed a small rash on one leg. About the size of a quarter,and it looked like tiny pinpricks.Like thousands of tiny blood dots of that makes sense. She figured maybe she got pinched or something while being moved...
  12. gretchen

    Honest opinions/experiences with Atkins

    Did it work for you? I'm really considering this after gaining almost 17 pounds while recovering from surgery. I'm doing a low calorie/walking regimen and it's not getting the weight off. I'm also considering weight watchers.
  13. gretchen

    Mass spay/neuter?

    Our neighborhood has lots of cats. Lots. So far I know about 20. They all run loose and don't belong to anyone,they just live under sheds and in the woods. I've heard there is some sort of cat birth control that can be put in food - is this true? Are there any spay/neuter services for them if I...
  14. gretchen

    Say something interesting and unexpected about yourself

    What's something we'd never guess about you?
  15. gretchen

    What was your naughtiest thought today?

    I'm not meaning sexually - I just mean wrong in general. Mine is that I watched 12 Years A Slave and while it was desperately sad, I've been humming the Run N***** Run all day. It's catchy as hell.
  16. gretchen

    Best places to practice driving for extremely fearful teen

    I need to take my daughter to practice driving today,but she is a VERY nervous driver. Crying,panic attacks,the works. She witnessed an extremely bad and graphic accident and has been fearful ever since. Driving instructor references who are good with this situation would help too.
  17. gretchen

    Does anyone work/travel near the Smithsonian?

    I'd like to know if the beautiful magnolias right on the Independance Ave. side of the Castle are in bloom yet. I want to go see them but hate to drive up and they're not open yet.
  18. gretchen

    I love/I hate

    Luna moths/people who whistle in public
  19. gretchen

    Foods you miss that are discontinued

    Magic Middles cookies Microwaveable,packaged s'mores. Don't remember the brand.
  20. gretchen

    Weird dreams

    Last night I had a dream that everyone thought I had a DVT because my leg was a dark color. Turned out it was covered in cinnamon. That's all.