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  1. huntr1

    J & J Outdoors

    Did J&J Outdoors in Hughesville close completely or did they move? Anybody know?
  2. huntr1

    Golden Beach Parade and Fireworks

    If you're coming, stop by the Mechanicsville Optimist trailer, get some grub and say Hi!
  3. huntr1

    Chopticon Graduation Tickets Needed

    I need 2 more tickets to graduation. I would prefer the main gym, but auxiliary would be great too.
  4. huntr1

    Thank you rain!

    All the plants had orgasms on Saturday & Sunday when it was sunny. My allergies went in to overdrive on Sunday afternoon. Hating life Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully the rain coming back has washed the pollen away for the most part. Slowly coming back to life.
  5. huntr1

    Mechanicsville Optimist Childhood Cancer Car Show

    We are still looking for sponsors for trophies, if you'd like to donate one, please let me know. Every penny raised will be donated to childhood cancer programs in St. Mary's County. Some will go to Hospice to help build a children's area, some will go to families dealing with childhood...
  6. huntr1

    Road Safety Warning

    The roads of St. Mary's County are safe. The sidewalks? Not so much. Son got his driver's license yesterday. We are accepting donations towards his insurance, since he costs as much as the two of us combined.
  7. huntr1


    My yard has NEVER looked this good. I aerated and seeded last fall, winter fertilized, spring fertilized finally had a pretty yard this spring. Then I killed a 10' wide stripe by putting down a slip and slide for my daughter's birthday at the end of July. The plastic was down for 36 hours...
  8. huntr1

    Ammo Prices

    I "loaned" my Marlin 336 to my father a couple months ago. He's going to use it for some hog hunting by their house in Georgia. I haven't hunted with it in 13 years, so glad to have it get put to use. Anyway, they were up here this weekend and he mentioned that he couldn't find ammo in...
  9. huntr1

    Incident at Great Mills HS 8-27-15

    Anybody have the scoop on what happened?
  10. huntr1

    Proud Father Moment

    Both of my sons have earned Eagle Scout. Eldest earned it 12/2012, youngest earned it yesterday.
  11. huntr1

    Speed Camera on Jones Wharf Road

    I have just been informed there is a speed camera on Jones Wharf Road. Friend was photo'd Monday morning doing 41 in a 35 according to his speedometer. He has not heard from the county yet, but the flash got him.
  12. huntr1

    Michigan Quicken Loans 400 June 14

    Standings going into the race: Huntr1 44 Calvcopf 43 OldHillCrestGuy 43 Clevalley 41 Checkered_Flag 27 HomeDepot20 25 DipStick 22
  13. huntr1

    Spring Ridge Middle School Early Dismissal?

    "All after school activities are cancelled for today. All students will be dismissed at 2:05." Why?
  14. huntr1


    Who's nervous? Me. I work in a cubicle farm. I do my job, talk to as few coworkers as possible and then go home. I recently got assigned to work on a team between my organization and another part of the agency. There are a bunch of teams working on different topics to "improve" operations in...
  15. huntr1

    1/2" Bar Stock?

    I've got an Eagle Scout candidate in need of 1/2 inch bar stock. 4-5 feet of it total in 2 pieces to be the pins in a set of horse shoe pits. Anybody have a source?
  16. huntr1

    Bristol 3/19/15

    Kevin Jimmy Jr Joey Kes
  17. huntr1

    Missing BCP

    Was thinking of BCP this morning as I drove to the office. Hope all is well with you.
  18. huntr1

    Looking for a camping cook set

    Long shot here, but I am looking for a specific type of camping cook set and hope somebody will have one gathering dust in their garage. What I am looking for is the 8 qt. pot and lid and 6 qt pot and lid from the traditional aluminum large group cook set. Lids double as fry pans. I am...
  19. huntr1

    Morons and Driving Laws

    Since we are on the topic of morons driving on Maryland roads and the law, I thought you would like to see what it says on page 35 of the MD Driver's Ed manual... B. Notice to Applicant – Implied Consent In Maryland, any person who drives or attempts to drive a motor vehicle on a highway or on...
  20. huntr1

    Transfer Care Input Shaft Change

    Anybody ever opened up a transfer case? Willing to mentor me as I open my NP243 to change the input shaft in mine? I have the TC out, have the new input shaft. Buying a seal kit tomorrow. Would really like to do this while somebody that has been in one before watches and can provide guidance...