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  1. whome20603

    Fried Chicken

    I want some :yum: that is all :coffee:
  2. whome20603

    Where did I put...

    So, when I clean house the last thing I do is spray the air freshener...sorta says, "Ahhhh, done good. Now you may sit, relax and enjoy your obviously just cleaned home." Anywho, this past Saturday after I was finished cleaning I looked for my air freshener....hello, little air...
  3. whome20603

    Wedding Gifts

    I need help, I'm at a complete loss of ideas for what to get my maid of honor and bridesmaids. I was originally thinking about getting purses and maybe earrings for the wedding but I'm not sure that's appropriate since they're not really gifts for them. I mean they are, but they're for the...
  4. whome20603

    Rules of Marriage, described by kids...

    1. HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? -You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming. -- Alan, age 10 -No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God...
  5. whome20603

    Dirty Joke?

    Two tall trees, a birch and a beech, are growing in the woods. A small tree begins to grow between them, and the beech says to the birch, ‘Is that a son of a beech or a son of a birch?’ The birch says he cannot tell. Just then a woodpecker lands on the sapling. The birch says...
  6. whome20603


    Jiffy's steak and cheese (cheese-steak, whatever-lol) :drool:
  7. whome20603


    Man I'm starving today and I don't think this is gonna cut it :ohwell:
  8. whome20603

    Plans Tonight?

    What are your plans? We decided to stay in and have people over, though we're still trying to decide on seating :lol: We're going to eat, drink, play Wii, drink, eat, who knows, toast :party:, eat and go to bed :biggrin:
  9. whome20603

    Hershey Squirt

    I see you :howdy:
  10. whome20603


    :lmao: Thank you :buddies:
  11. whome20603

    Happy HoLidays

    Twas the night of Thanksgiving and out of the house Tiger Woods came a flyin', chased by his spouse. She wielded a nine iron and wasn't too merry, Cause a bimbo's phone number was in his Blackberry. He'd been cheatin' on Elin, and the story progressed. Woman after woman stepped up...
  12. whome20603

    Friendly Suggestion

    Do not wear a red shirt to Target. You're welcome.
  13. whome20603

    Smart @$$ Answers...

    SMART ASS ANSWER #6 -- It was mealtime during a flight on Hooters Airline. 'Would you like dinner?' the flight attendant asked John, seated in Front. 'What are my choices?' John asked. 'Yes or no,' she replied. SMART ASS ANSWER #5 -- A flight attendant was stationed at the Departure gate to...
  14. whome20603

    Feeding Time at the Zoo

    What's for lunch? I'm thinking Subway :yum:
  15. whome20603

    Twin Shields

    Golf tournament tomorrow....oh dear God, why these people think I can golf is beyond me. Should be fun, hope this course isn't too hard.
  16. whome20603


    Me is bored Bored is me Crap crap crap Crap crap crap I used to be good at writing poems :ohwell:
  17. whome20603

    Accident on Beltway

    Uh-ohhhhh There's a car flipped upside down near exit 11/Pennsylvania Ave with couple fire trucks and several police cars, traffic's building both ways. I didn't see any other cars that would've been in the accident though..? Either way, hope everyone's okay.
  18. whome20603

    Grrrr, stupid...

    underwire!!! It popped out of one side and is digging into me, OUCH! :mad:
  19. whome20603


    My job's sending me to a Convention & Expo at the Gaylord Palms Resort in September :yahoo: I'll be there Sunday night, United Night at Disney on Monday, convention Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:30-3. No "work" Sunday-day, Monday-day, Tuesday or Wednesday...
  20. whome20603


    Anyone listening? AHHHHHH, I just wanna dance :getdown: