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  1. lilredhearts

    did anyone else see this?

    So im driving last night around 930 i was driving north on 235 in mech almost to charlotte hal and when i was coming up to where 6 crossing over this car turns south on the north bound lane coming striaght at me thyen honks at me as if im in the wrong i had to serve off the road to not get into...
  2. lilredhearts

    longview beach

    Anyone live in longview beach?
  3. lilredhearts

    baby sitter in bushwood

    If any one needs a sitter during the day in bushwood. Please pm me :)
  4. lilredhearts

    questions about my new adopted dog...

    I adopted the sweetest dog from tri county on the 21st, they said i could pick her up from the vet on the 27th. When i went to pick her up, they said everything went great with her spay but that she was pregnant. the first couple days she seemed to be adjusting very well... no she walks aroun...
  5. lilredhearts

    blue truck south on 235

    anyone see that friggin idiot all over the road this morning ?
  6. lilredhearts

    Mechanicsville this morning?

    does any one know why they closed down 235 from mech rd up a ways? I did see a car next to 711 with a trap over it but it really didnt look like an accident if so i have no clue how the car got where it was ...... and it would of been a one car accident .. anyway anyone know?
  7. lilredhearts


    Once a year my company plans an event for the guy and girls.... this year and other the men went fishing with Bunkys .... and in past years us girls have spent the day at the spa.. but we a want a change .... any ideas that about 15 women can do for a day ??
  8. lilredhearts

    what kind of plant is this?

    Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?? almost looks liek the ends will bud .....
  9. lilredhearts

    Mechanicsville Road

    Does anyone know when it is suppose to be reopened?
  10. lilredhearts

    fire alarm problems

    i have no clue what is going on with my fire alarms. they were going off all night long.. at 230 the main alarm (living room) started freaking out.. it would stop for 30seconds and then every alarm in every room including the main one would start going off for about 2 minutes a half then stop...
  11. lilredhearts

    Fall Activities

    Any ideas for fun fall activites for children? i have a 3 year old and a one year old. Thanks :1bdz:
  12. lilredhearts

    where can i find....

    Where can i find the fat pencils for my 3 year olds preschool program? I have looked ever where from the dollar stores to grocery stores & staples. Any suggestions?
  13. lilredhearts

    Longview Beach Neighborhood.

    Any thoughts about this neighboorhood? We are looking at a house there, i do have some concern tho... some parts of the neighbor hood look nice and well kept but other parts are lets say not well taken care of. I was just wondering if any one had any thought about the people who live there , if...
  14. lilredhearts

    Potty Training Secrets

    Does anyone have any potty training secrets i could try out. I have a almost 2 1/2 year old son. He was really intrested in useing the "big boy" potty at first and now he hates it! He is going to have a baby sister in Oct. & im really hopeing to get him out of diapers by then. Any ideas?
  15. lilredhearts

    found bird egg

    Someone in my office found a bird egg outside in the grass under our bird feeder. I was out sick yesterday & returned this morning to this egg in a cup on my desk. i have no idea what to do with it. Im not sure if anything is alive inside of it i have no clue. Any suggestions? By the way the...
  16. lilredhearts

    Seizure out of the blue...

    I have a 3 year old cat, Miss kitty, who has always been healthy. Last night around 2:30 am i woke up to her having a seizure. She floped around for about 5 mins then caught her breath and was fine. I called my vet on call & he said sometimes cats can just have seizures. Iv never heard of this...
  17. lilredhearts

    New Generation Daycare

    Has anyone heard of this daycare its off Mechancisville Road. If you have please let me know what you think of them. Im about to enroll my son there & just want some feedback. Thanks for your help
  18. lilredhearts

    ipod nano

    where can i sell a ipod nano? i Iv used it once.Its in perfect condition and has been kept in its orginal case. Any ideas?
  19. lilredhearts

    hair loss! please help.

    i have a rotti mix who will be one in sept. In the last month iv been noticing allot of hair around his crate when i go to vacum, which he is only kept in at night (while we are sleeping to spare the cat :)) i thought he was just blowing his puppy furr. I gave him a bath monday and relized that...
  20. lilredhearts


    Is the circus coming to town soon?