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  1. kelleymauck

    Anyone For Some Yankee Candles?

    My littlest piglet has to sell yankee candles for a fundraiser for her dance class. This is her first fundraiser of many more years to come I'm sure. :lmao: I'd thought I'd ask all the forumites if anyone would like to buy some? Just PM if you're interested. Thanks! All the help is appreciated.
  2. kelleymauck

    Happy Birthday To Jabba's Oldest Piglet!

    Happy Birthday Mac! :thewave: :bday: My how time flies...six already.
  3. kelleymauck

    Dance Supplies

    I just registered the little piggy in dance at Julie Rogers in Huntingtown. :dance: Where can I find leotards and shoes for her? She's xxs or 3T. Walmart and Target dont seem to have her size.
  4. kelleymauck

    One Year Ago Today....

    I got married!!! Happy Anniversary to me and my guy! :getdown: :banana:
  5. kelleymauck

    Ozzfest here I come...

    Who's all going tomorrow? I can't wait. We got awesome tickets. Six rows up from the pit. I'll be able to see everything.
  6. kelleymauck

    Kid Consignment Shop

    Anyone know the number to the consignment shop off of route 2 in sunderland? I want to drop off some of my old daughter's clothes.
  7. kelleymauck


    Just announced that tickets go on sale this saturday for this year's Ozzfest. :getdown: :banana:
  8. kelleymauck

    Daycare Rates

    I was wondering what everyone pays for daycare? I'm interviewing a couple home daycares tomorrow because we're just not too thrilled with our current provider and was trying to get a ball park figure of what is the norm? We pay $120 now for our 2 yr. old chicklet. The one lady says $165 and the...
  9. kelleymauck

    Mini Vans

    Hubby and I are looking to buy a minivan. Anyone got any recommedations on them? I've test drove the Kia Sedona, Honda Oydessy and Toyota Sienna. And I love the oydessy but thought I'd get other input as well considering we plan on keeping this vehicle for some years. LOL
  10. kelleymauck

    New Addition

    Our new addition....a chihuahua puppy.
  11. kelleymauck

    Dance Classes

    Anyone know of a dance studio in the area besides Calvert School of Dance and Julie Rogers? I'm interested in enrolling my 2 year old daughter. I know Calvert doesn't let them enroll until their 3 and julie rogers is 2.
  12. kelleymauck


    Okay-here's my problem. I'm trying to copy files to a cd from my old hp and it won't let me. My old hp is sooooooo slow. I know there's something wrong with it but it won't let me copy the files to a cd. Or email the folders contents either. I think the hp is seriously infected with some virus...
  13. kelleymauck

    Ideas for 40th wedding anniversity

    Anyone know of a good place to have 40th wedding anniversity party that's not too expensive? It would be in december.
  14. kelleymauck

    Looking For a Home

    Anyone interested in a kittie? I have two black kittens and a year old solid white cat in need of home. We can't keep them because our roommate is highly allergic to them. Free to a good home.
  15. kelleymauck


    Finally my little piglet is over 20 pounds...she's in fact 23 pounds and is 33 inches long. :getdown: :cartwheel
  16. kelleymauck

    The patch

    Anyone else currently use orthoevra? Or did and then got off to get preggo? I'm wondering how long it took to get preggo...I've been off mine for almost 2 months and still nothing. :ohwell:
  17. kelleymauck

    529 college savings plan

    What's everyone's opinion about these? I'm starting something for my daughter..either a regular savings account or a 529. Maybe both. But I really don't know much about the 529....any help?
  18. kelleymauck

    Where's Santa?

    Anyone know where Santa will be this weekend? Gotta take the kiddos to see him. Besides the mall...we tried their and the line was soooooooo long.
  19. kelleymauck

    Toddler haircuts

    Any suggestions for a hair salon for a 20 month old? I need to get my little girl's haircut. This will be her first haircut. I know pretty much anyone will do it but just asking if anyone knew of anyone that was really good working with toddlers?
  20. kelleymauck

    Mommies to toddlers

    Hey there! I am trying to get together for a playdate for my daughter. All our neighbor kids are older or too young for her to play with. So I figured I'd start a thread on it...and see who is interested. My daughter is 19 months old on the 5th. :banana: