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    Give your input

    Found some old #$@%, is anyone offended? gun control toys were safe feminism
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    What do you think about this?

    Satanists want statue beside Ten Commandments monument at Oklahoma Legislature - U.S. News
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    Along for the ride

    Insane Downhill Bike Race In Chile valparaiso polc 2011 - YouTube Anyone been there done that?:howdy:
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    Thanks again So Md

    Thank you to the one that explained to me how Mamakookoo fits into my scenario.
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    Family Album

    I'm beginning to get an idea of the big picture. h "Dear Penis" originally posted by Jazz Lady
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    Navy slang

    what does "rst from the navy" mean?
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    The guy is now trying to portray himself as new to having least he is now being honest about not being divorced.......he's only separated:killingme
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    Double Lives

    I kept getting calls, emails, and texts. Some people only understand the words, "It is over" when it is spoken in their own language.
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    Favorite Commercials

    Budweiser Clydesdales family tv ad - YouTube
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    A Double Life

    Have you ever been involved with someone who was living a double life?
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    I'm interested in leasing a good gelding in the Leonardtown area? I mainly ride trails but wouldn't mind getting back into Dressage and maybe some Hunter/Jumper training. Any suggestions?
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    Does anyone here sew?
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    Does anyone here sew?
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    For Rent

    Anybody know of a small, out of the way, place for rent near or in Leonardtown? Would be great if it allowed dogs.
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    Christmas Lights

    Wasn't sure which forum to post this.........where are the good light displays for Christmas?......any good Christmas pageants?
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    Smoking Dope

    Do you think the things a person says and does when they are high is the way they really feel, the way they really are, the "true" them?
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    The Kids

    How long is acceptable for divorced parents to fight over who is gonna get the kids? (All of the kids are now in their 20's) :duel: :dingding:
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    Erectile dysfunction How does a guy go about telling a new date he has erectile dysfunction?