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  1. janey83

    Doggie Daycare?

    Is there such a thing around here? If so, can anyone recommend a good one? TIA.
  2. janey83

    video to vhs?

    Anyone know of a reputable place that can turn a vhs tape into a dvd? It can be local or online, just looking to see if anyone has had luck with this. TIA!
  3. janey83

    Borat, 2 thumbs down

    I saw Borat on Saturday (against my will), and let me just say -- worst movie ever. It's raunchy, rude, vulgar, and the actor -- talked through the entire movie in a fake accent. Oh, and there's a scene where he ruins the national anthem. I want my 82 minutes back.
  4. janey83


    Can anyone recommend a good plumber in the St. Mary's area?
  5. janey83


    I def. recommend going to the one on Rt. 235 (across from Exploration Park) if you need something done to your vehicle. Very nice people. :yay:
  6. janey83

    police on Pegg Rd

    A helicopter is hovering over Pegg Road and the road is blocked with police. What's going on????
  7. janey83

    Nails in somd?

    Nails in St. Mary's? Where do you go to get your nails done around here? TIA! :howdy:
  8. janey83

    Swing & Swat?

    Gone? :confused: Yeah, definitely tried to go mini-golfing the other day to no avail, as the entire site was gone. I went there sometime over the summer, and business looked fine. Anyone know what happened?
  9. janey83

    Vintage Values

    Anyone know when the 30 cent day is? Specifically, the one in Leonardtown?
  10. janey83

    Okay, this only happens once in my life....

    And it took a lot of time (four and a half years!)/money/studying to get here! Graduation is in a few hours!! :getdown: :banana: And for those wondering, it's my bachelor of science from Frostburg State. Woo-hoo! I thought this day would never come! :yahoo: :diva: :cartwheel...
  11. janey83

    Good Thurs Morning

    :coffee: My last exam is in half an hour! :rolleyes: But someone pulled the fire alarm at 4am, and my entire dorm had to stand in the snow for about 30 minutes while the campus police investigated. :yawn: Everyone was mad and yeah, took forever to get back to sleep. :shrug:
  12. janey83

    Happy Birthday USMC!

    :getdown: :patriot: Happy Marine Corps Birthday!
  13. janey83

    babies without diapers

    Saw this on CNN last night -- parents who refuse to keep their infants in diapers b/c it's "unfair" to let a child sit in a mess. :confused: What do you guys think about this?? I personally don't see the logic behind their reasoning.......
  14. janey83

    Yours, Mine, and Ours

    There's a remake starring Dennis Quaid coming out. :tap: If anyone has seen the original with Henry Fonda & Lucille Ball, it's a classic. I hate it when Hollywood remakes classics, just because they're out of ideas. Also.....anyone else notice that Dennis Quaid is the Remake King? He was...
  15. janey83

    cheerleading uniform

    If anyone has/or knows of where I can find a cheerleading uniform (not the plastic walmart edition that comes in a bag) to wear on Halloween....I'd greatly appreciate it. :smile:
  16. janey83

    good for a laugh :killingme I would have loved to be in class when this guy turned in his essay!
  17. janey83


    Can anyone recommend a good physician in the area? I'm losing my military benefits soon, and I have no idea where to start looking for a civilian doctor, so who's good?
  18. janey83


    Just finished all of my official work for my internship! :cheers: Emailed my final paper, powerpoint presentation, it's all done! It's time to :getdown:
  19. janey83

    contacts vs. glasses

    Which is better? More convenient? Less expensive? I'm trying to do some research on contact lenses (the kind for astigmatism), to see whether or not I might be able to get them. TIA.
  20. janey83

    What the HeII????

    Okay it's one thing to bash my opinions on this site. I'm not an animal lover! SO FREAKIN' SUE ME! It is ANOTHER THING to go to A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SITE, and post crap that's been argued on here! For other people to see! How middle school of you! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! What a selfish...