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  1. browneyes

    RT 4 Just North of the hosiptal

    Does any one know what is happening this morning on RT 4 just north of the Hospital? There has been police, fire trucks and ambalance activity? Has someone been hit by a car or was there an accident? Thanks for any info.
  2. browneyes

    Prince Frederick pool

    Yes you can see it going up behind Bayside Chevrolet in PF. The link to the pictures didn't work for me?
  3. browneyes

    Word Association Thread

  4. browneyes

    Word Association Thread

  5. browneyes

    Advice on getting money back from medical billing

    BBB from your area will look into any complaints and contact the company. Bringing attention to them might make them pay up.
  6. browneyes

    Price of heating oil this winter

    I'm not sure about the current price of gas/propane, but my parents have that and it has always been much higher than heating oil in the past. I'm thinking a wood stove would be nice but then again, I guess a lot of people are thinking that and the price of wood is going to then go way high. lol
  7. browneyes

    Hair Question - Perms

    I tried a perm a few years ago, trying to give my flat hair some body. What a nightmare! If you get one, make sure your beautician is very experienced and knows what you are trying to do. I will never get another one.
  8. browneyes

    Men grilling woman about vehicles

    lol Love the stories. Thanks for sharing. By the way you are a great story teller. ;) And I can relate to the grilling.
  9. browneyes

    Jesus was the Sun, Not the Son of God

    Wow, my head hurts after reading all those threads. lol It's good to know that people are still thinking about God and whether He exists or not. I don't feel I have to prove to Jayne or any one else that God exists. (Except I do have to wonder, when they are really, really in trouble, who...
  10. browneyes

    I hear thunder

    Yes I do believe it's about time for our daily evening storms. lol
  11. browneyes

    1.00 kids movie today at 10

    Sorry but this does not include Calvert County. I just called Apex Theatre in Calvert County. They do not have any special kids movies for children on Wednesday's (or any other day) for $1.00.
  12. browneyes

    Calvert Cliffs State Park

    Great shot of the jewel - dragon fly. I tried to get a pic of one of them but as soon as I got my camera ready they were in the air again. lol Nice pic of the lizard too. :) On the way back up from the bay, there were squirrels every where. We must have seen at least 10 of them in the...
  13. browneyes

    Calvert Cliffs State Park

    We had a great time. The weather was perfect for a hike. The turtles were a suprise for us. We had never seen them there before. In one spot of the marsh, there were turtles on almost every log.
  14. browneyes

    Calvert Cliffs State Park

    Hi Everyone, I took the kids for a hike at Calvert Cliffs yesterday. I brought along the camera and put together a slideshow at photobucket of some of the things we saw, turtles, frogs, sharks teeth, shells etc.. Hope you like it... <div style="width:480px; text-align: center;"><embed...
  15. browneyes

    Tornado Warning for parts of SoMd

    I live in Huntingtown, but almost to PF, a little before the Hospital. We had a nasty storm and lost electricity for a few minutes. I heard on the news that a tornado came through Huntingtown. Any see any damage?
  16. browneyes

    Prince Frederick pool

    lol As far as I know they haven't done anything. :killingme The last I heard is it was scheduled to be built in 2010 so maybe they will start in 2011. :shrug:
  17. browneyes

    Wild Boar Old Time Radio (Joel Osteen)

    I believe Joel Osteen is truly annoited by God and has reached thousands upon thousands of people through his sermons. People that would not have been reached with the old negative Hell and damnation feeling. I enjoy feeling good about God and having a loving positive relationship with him. I...
  18. browneyes

    Sunday School for Atheists

    Well on a positive note, I think parents in search of a way to teach their children better values and morals sounds like a good idea. (I think God should be included but that's my belief.)
  19. browneyes

    Dollar Store!!!

    They just came out with more information on this today. The counterfeit tooth paste is made to look like Colgate. It contains poison and has been recalled.
  20. browneyes


    :howdy: Hope everyone had a nice Thursday.