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  1. browneyes

    RT 4 Just North of the hosiptal

    Does any one know what is happening this morning on RT 4 just north of the Hospital? There has been police, fire trucks and ambalance activity? Has someone been hit by a car or was there an accident? Thanks for any info.
  2. browneyes

    Calvert Cliffs State Park

    Hi Everyone, I took the kids for a hike at Calvert Cliffs yesterday. I brought along the camera and put together a slideshow at photobucket of some of the things we saw, turtles, frogs, sharks teeth, shells etc.. Hope you like it... <div style="width:480px; text-align: center;"><embed...
  3. browneyes

    Breaking News- boy dies in Huntingtown fire

    Just heard on the news that a 13 year old boy has died in a house fire in Huntingtown. The story is just breaking so the name has not been released. They do not believe that it was arson and the fire started in the living room. There were 3 people in the house. No further details yet.
  4. browneyes

    Home Heating Oil Prices

    Ok so the gas has been going down for about a month now. I live in Calvert County and I've been calling SMO/Gott once a week for approx. 5 weeks to get a quote on their home heating oil price. Every week it is the same price $2.699. It hasn't come down even a penny. I asked SMO...
  5. browneyes


    Any Nascar fans out there? Are you going to watch the Daytonna 500 tomorrow? Who are you routing for? I've caught the races every now and then. This year I think I would like to follow the Winston Cup Series. Looks interesting & fun. :wink:
  6. browneyes


    We had a warm sunny afternoon a few weeks ago after a morning of rain. I was looking out the window enjoying the warmth of the sun, when I saw a group of Robins in my backyard. What a welcome sight! Made me feel Spring was closer. :banana: Of course that was before the snow returned. :shrug: