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  1. NextJen

    Menstrual equity, ya'll

    We. Are. Doomed. Period
  2. NextJen

    I'm not buying this

    I have found that I will get a severe headache on occasion after having no more than 2 beers. However, I like to try all different types of brew, so I wonder if it may be more of a reaction to certain hops or other ingredients?
  3. NextJen

    Farmers are Busy!

    You don't have to be lonely......:singer:
  4. NextJen

    So what did everyone do this weekend?

    Saw some of the vintage boat races in Leonardtown on Saturday, then hit the Rocktoberfest in LaPlata. Good to see a couple forumites while at Rocktoberfest - you know who you are. ;) Relaxed and threw some lines in the water on Sunday - not much biting, but still a great day.
  5. NextJen

    Happy birthday, Baja28!

    :bdaycake: :love:
  6. NextJen

    Where'd they put that confounded bridge?

    I have nightmares about that happening when I'm on a bridge. :shocked:
  7. NextJen

    I can't believe we needed this law ...

    During their teenage years, there were some days I would have traded mine for a 12 pack or a bottle of half decent booze.
  8. NextJen

    Bad songs in prison

  9. NextJen

    Bad songs in prison

    Two Out of Three Ain't Bad ~ Meatloaf
  10. NextJen

    Hunter Biden - my stars

    Or little girls.
  11. NextJen

    Happy birthday, Toxick!

    :bdaycake: Enjoy your day! :cheers:
  12. NextJen

    Please vote for Sherman !

  13. NextJen

    Anti-Cravings (A Bookend Thread For GWGuy's "Cravings" Thread)

    Does it taste like chicken?
  14. NextJen

    Happy birthday, RareBreed!

    Sorry I almost missed it! Hope you had a great day. :bdaycake:
  15. NextJen

    The Climate Kid