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  1. Gilligan

    Island work weekend....

    Sure was nice Friday and Saturday. Sunday?...not so much. ;-p
  2. Gilligan

    2A win. I know Tranny wanted to post this first...oh well

  3. Gilligan

    Fake it 'til you make it..or get caught.

    ABC....using video from an annual US machine gun party to show the horrors of Turkey's invasion of Syria. ABC is one of those sources Truby likes too. :killingme...
  4. Gilligan

    Bit wet today.

    Island really flooded today. Outer banks really got slammed by this extreme tide event...we just got good and wet. Having a n old truck with 40" tires helps...had to go rescue the missus who was stranded over on the mainland.
  5. Gilligan

    It could never happen here

    Lest anyone doubt...the uneducated yet thoroughly indoctrinated masses that led to unrestrained mass exterminations like those in China and Cambodia..they are here too. We laugh and point at the Tranny's and buttthings of our world at our peril...
  6. Gilligan

    More good news on the firearms front.

    Just for my sweetie Tranny-girl.
  7. Gilligan

    They make it look so easy.

    The European/Scandinavian companies have really gotten the installation of offshore wind turbines down to an art. Compare this to the many years it took to put up the lonely five, much smaller, turbines we have off our eastern coast...
  8. Gilligan

    Got another boat...I need an intervention

    Too good a deal to pass up....a 1964 Hatteras 41...
  9. Gilligan

    History and stuff

    Headed out this weekend on the Harley to visit Waterford Va ..its their annual festival weekend and my very first time there. If you care to open the link below and scroll down, the Griffith/Grover house...Samuel Gover was my GG Grandfather. The Govers owned a huge swath of land from Patuxent to...
  10. Gilligan

    Interesting hybrid energy technology

    Offshore hydrogen generation using wind power...
  11. Gilligan

    B-17 lost in crash

    Wonderful old plane...there were casualties.
  12. Gilligan

    HUGE boom..

    Our office down here in Piney Point was just rocked by a huge explosion of some kind. Not the usual rumbling from Dahlgren that rattles the big metal shop doors on regular occasion...this was something much larger. I actually heard cracking noise in the structure of our building as it was shaken.
  13. Gilligan

    Where'd they put that confounded bridge?

    Bridge over the harbor on main road to a shipyard I work at just collapsed. The bridge is seen in better times at top of this screenshot...the shipyard buildings...
  14. Gilligan

    They always fall for these hoaxes

    ..because they so desperately want them to be true.
  15. Gilligan

    We're so far behind....

    One of the last offshore wind turbine testing facilities "over there" is now completely demolished. Wind farms of over 1000 MW are being constructed willy nilly all over the European shorelines. By year's end, 50% of the UK's electricity will be produced by wind turbines..the majority of them...
  16. Gilligan

    AOC's Lie of the Day

    She's a real piece of work....
  17. Gilligan

    Massive 12MW wind turbine going together

    This thing is huge! First picture is just one of the blades...350 feet long. The nacelle is larger than many people's houses.
  18. Gilligan

    I need one of these...

    Great video too.
  19. Gilligan

    Oops...a little power glitch

    I was recently in Grimsby working on one of the vessels that services this massive offshore wind farm.
  20. Gilligan

    The religion of Piece(s) Strikes Again

    ...meanwhile, the MSM remains mostly silent. Does not fit their favorite narrative like bleating about Tlaib does...