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    People with 'no religion' gain....................

    you should really research the founding fathers religios beliefs and views of religion
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    People with 'no religion' gain....................

    i think this trend will continue and i think its a good thing.
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    yeah thats the bad thing about early bow hunting....dosnt seem right going when its so warm and if u dont have a walk in u cant really let it hang for a few days and have to cut it up immediatly and so the meats not as good
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    think ima go out this sat morning and maybe friday evening
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    yeah kim thats her name shes the best
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    Trail riding

    ok ill let that one go in that case then
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    u try tree stands? its that lady thats a bow expert in hollywood
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    Trail riding

    i dont ride you should always wear full protective gear no matter your age
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    Moral is..don't hire obese people?

    they should just take this things to the thunderdome . " 2 men enter 1 man leaves!"
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    db mcmillans

    the bangers and mash was good had it last week, actually filled me up unlike ost places
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    db mcmillans

    i think the kellys club may be one of the best sandwiches ive ever had.....its hard to get other stuff off themenu i wanna try because i know the kellys club is that good....oh and i like the oyster shooters and mcmillans ale ....and everything else ive had
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    Frank P. Jenkins - La Plata Lawyer Charged

    ....i think i had him as a lawyer 1 was awhile ago....he didnt do a good job
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    Red Dragons

    if you know you know if you dont then you dont
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    vick poll

    well said
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    'We're pinned down:' 4 U.S. Marines die in Afghan

    would say theres a goodchance osama is allrdy dead. was told by a force recon guy that he was
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    Sept 4-7 Go Ride

    steel city was a good race very fast track
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    Trail riding

    theres a trails place down the street from budds creek
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    Chainsaw PSA

    or dont buyany chains and sharpen them or get them sharpened...and theres some amish that work on the huskys ( i cant spell it at all)
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    the scriptures

    no i wouldnt really say thats much proof..... i might have a harry potter book but i dont go around practicing magic ( i dont really have a harry potter book)
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    my own property.... i will get my license when duck and goose comes along