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    We have 6 piranha that we need to get rid of. Anyone interested? Thanks!
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    Free Concert

    There will be a free concert on Sunday from 4-7 at the Sachetti Music Studio in Huntingtown if anyone is interested. There will be a seasoned band and then some up and coming students. (Country and Rock) Proud momma of a country music singing 9 year old....she's actually got a voice on her...
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    Phone Lines out in Owings....

    Anyone know what happened? Has there been an accident in the area?
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    Fire at Maryland Country Caterers in Owings...

    I just heard a rumor that Maryland Country Caterers in Owings had a fire last night. Can anyone confirm or deny? Does anyone know what happened? :confused:
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    What's everyone up to today?

    Where is everyone today...the boards seem to be running slow.
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    Has anyone tried that "new" steak house in Lusby?

    :buddies: Thinking about going this weekend and wanted to know if it was worth going...
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    Haunted Hayrides in SOMD

    Does anyone know of any hayrides...haunted or not that adults can enjoy this Halloween season? :elaine:
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    Date Night

    Hello everyone :howdy: I'm trying to gather up some ideas for a date night with my hubby. I had a wild hair this morning and called him at work and asked him out on a date for Saturday and now have to come up with something to do....any suggestions? :confused:
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    Does anyone know what happened on Ball Road Saturday Night?

    We were on our way home Saturday night around 1:45am and went down Ball Road in Broomes Island and had to turn around. The police officer came up to our car and said we needed to turn around because 2 people were dead. Anyone have any information as to what happened?
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    I'm new to the boards....

    :howdy: Hello everyone...I am new to SOMD forums... Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone!
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    What's Everybody Doing This Weekend?

    Kid is staying with Grandma...what's going on this weekend that me and the hubby can enjoy? :yahoo:
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    Voice Lessons in Calvert County

    I am seeking information about where to take my daughter for voice lessons in calvert county...anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!