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    States Rights vs. Reducing EPA Emissions Standards

    So I assume freezing the federal standards for vehicle mileage at the 2020 level will be assumed a win (I don't personally think "car" emissions are that much of a problem now), but where do we stand on the Feds restricting the right of States (California in particular) to set their own tighter...
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    Atlantic Broadband already screwing us over

    So with the change in ownership they have instituted a new policy, auto-pay will get you a $10 discount on the full rate. But if you were a Metrocast customer this is not available to you. I understand why you wouldn't get the 1 year promotional pricing for their packages, but not why you...
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    Amazon Fresh

    So it looks like Amazon Fresh is available in our area. Same day delivery for morning orders, next day otherwise. While I would love the convenience of being able to order the groceries necessary to cook a specific breakfast the night before, and not have to drive to the store (or have them...
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    You missed one NHBoy

    So, where were you on this one? Despite making the following statement in his first presidential debate, President Trump has bowed out of speaking engagements in his ME tour citing "exhaustion", sending instead Ivanka to speak on his behalf (because Islamists never take issue with buxom...
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    Erdogan Body Guards

    Did I miss it, or has no one posted about Erdogan's bodyguards attacking US citizens protesting his meeting with the president? I don't know that much about the reason for the protest, but I do know that foreigners attacking non-violent US citizens for voicing their opinion is not something we...
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    Building 2185 Evac

    Anyone know why?
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    True Resteraunt Automation Coming in January

    Order taking has been an obvious incremental move towards automation that started in isolated cases decades ago. Automating the entire cooking process (from prep to bagging) on the other hand is the game changer...
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    Watch out for Tidewater Dental

    Just wanted let everyone know of my headache-of-the-day, as I am sure many of the local retirees and/or federal workforce has BC/BS insurance. Over the years I have had lots of issues with tidewater sending me erroneous bills long after service was completed (usually with a red 90 days past...
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    Idiot in the F350 Superduty

    Just an open letter to the retread driving the lifted blue F350 Superduty with the DIY smokestack and no tailgate. When your vehicle is lifted and your tires stick out 5+ inches past the side of your wheel well you need to get mudflaps. Now I realize since your truck has never actually been...
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    Vehicle Window Tinting?

    Don't often see the service advertised. Used to do it myself (and was pretty good, never got bubbles), but it's a pain in the butt to do it right. Have a bigger vehicle with lots of windows and am considering having it done. So who does it in SOMD and what should I expect to pay?
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    Bar Pie

    Spent the last 20 minutes trying to find that Bar Pie video that was posted here last week. Maybe I am misremembering the name, but it was making pizza with a tortilla in a cast iron pan/oven. I wanted to give it a try this afternoon but couldn't find the video.