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    Furlough Shortened?

    Cross your fingers! AP sources: Pentagon likely to cut furlough days
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    Volunteers? What is Obama Smokin'? Am I the only one that believes this country is run by the wrong people? Just where does Obama think these volunteers will come from? The Unemployment line? Contractors? And as some...
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    Federal Employees Furlough News

    For those out there that are federal workers, OPM posted guidelines and a Q&A pamphlet recently. This should answer most general questions.
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    3rd Party POTUS 2nd Debatehosted by Ralph Nader

    Be sure to spread the word! Nov 4th! Ralph Nader to Host Third-Party Presidential Debate in D.C. Nov. 4 | The Nader PageThe Nader Page
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    Scary Halloween - Advertisement?

    Funny ad by Dirt Devil. Dirt Devil-The Exorcist on Vimeo
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    American Idioyms...

    Why does this guy remind me of this forum? 63Y5XjlO4vk&
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    Current TV - Olbermann Coming

    I have MetroCrap for TV and can't get satellite because of BIG trees in mostly my neighbors yards. I just found out that Keith Olbermann is coming to a network called Current TV. I looked at the Metrocast channel lineup and don't see it. Anyone else familiar with this channel? Does anyone...
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    Silverado Gun Show - Howard County

    Hey Guys (and some Gals), Anyone been to the Silverado Gun Show in Howard county fairgrounds lately? There is one this weekend and I am in dire need to stock up on my 2nd Amendment rights!!! All joking aside... I went to their website and they have zero information execpt dates, times and...
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    Pyscho Area Code Dialing

    I need to vent a moment... I HATE the fact that I have to dial 301, when I am calling a 301 number. Doesn't that aggravate anyone? I've lived all over this country AND world. But this is the only place I lived where we have to dial the area code WHEN you are already in the area code...
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    Oil Prices -vs- Gas prices in the area

    I just had my home oil tank topped off by Besche Oil, and I am amazed (perhaps confused) what the basis of their pricing is. Before the rise of $4 a gallon for gas, the oil price always stayed commensurate to the gas prices. This is the first I was filled since the drop. Gas prices out there...
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    Weekend getaway, Monticello

    I am sure that many around here have done a weekend get away to the Charlotville / Monticello area. We are thinking about it for this weekend. But there are so many hotel and B&B choices... We're not sure which are good and which are not so good... No looking to break the bank, but don't...
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    Metrocast Cable Internet Issues

    Folks, I am wondering if others are having the same issues as I am! This question is for people with the Metrocast Cable for your Internet. We don't have the DSL option in our area and we've had the GMP, then Metrocast Internet for quite a few years. Of course they had some real serious...
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    HDTV Anyone?

    Hey! I recently purchased a Pinnacle USB HDTV receiver from Best Buy the other day. It comes with a small antenna. I heard that we have several local stations broadcasting HDTV and I am wondering if there is anyone else close to the naval base picking up any of these HD channels? I am very...
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    Register Forum -> Classified

    I am confused. I registered in the forums with this username. I popped over to the classified and attempted to post an, but it wants me to log in. I try over and over to login, but it loops back to the login. Does this mean I have to re-register in the classified separately?
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    somd classified

    Anyone having a problem getting to the classified on here.. or is it just me? When I go there... I get this message: ERR-C-BAD-ASU: We're Sorry, but this page is no longer available. Anyone?
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    Our Time is Doomed - Please Read, esp law enforcement

    Of course most of this is not new news for most of us... but do take a moment of your time to read this man's article. I know many of you are happy and comfortable with your current life and situation... but it is collapsing right before your eyes and if you do nothing but watch and believe the...
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    Fireplace Cleaning

    Hey all: Who do you recommend in Lex Park area to do fireplace cleaning and chimmney?