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  1. corollinout


    Went to the Breezy Point Blast Off this past weekend and shot a few photos off. SI9427 by Sampson Images, on Flickr SI9436 by Sampson Images, on Flickr
  2. corollinout

    In Solomons Again

    For the sunset before picking the kids up. Been extra busy lately.
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    Emmanuel Church Rd

    Anyone listing to the scanner? I can't because I am at work.
  4. corollinout

    81 cj7

    1981 CJ7. Runs good, mostly new parts. Wired for a radio. Most of the parts that aren't new on it, I have and just haven't had the time to install. Asking $3000 or best offer. Only thing you will need to buy is a passenger seat. 4" Rough Country Lift with 33" tires.
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    Photography Outting

    I am putting together a small photography class. Check it out and if you have any questions let me know Photo Outing - Sampson Images
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    Patuxent Sunset

    Photo taken near Solomons. If you like what you have seen here, you can see more at my Facebook page.
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    Wallace House

    Lemuel Wallace Farm. Home for an African American farmer who owned about one hundred acres from 1909 until the mid-1930s. Lemuel Wallace's grandson, Woodrow Wallace, reported that the farmstead had once included a number of outbuildings and that water was carried up the hill from a spring. In...
  8. corollinout

    Super Moon

    Whoa is has been a while since I shot anything but portraits. Went out earlier for the super moon and it lasted maybe 15 minutes and went behind the clouds. Got this shot off after it went in the clouds for a good long exposure.
  9. corollinout

    After the rain

    Had a shoot scheduled this morning that we decided to reschedule due to the rain. I headed down to Solomons since I was already up to take some fun self portraits. While there I noticed the cloud cover had great texture so I snapped off a few. Here is one of the results. SI7422 by Sampson...
  10. corollinout

    Family Lawyer

    I want to go for custody of my daughter and I know Maryland's take on the fathers. I want a good get down and dirty lawyer to talk to. I'm tired of seeing my daughter used as a pawn and my child support used as a pay check for a woman that doesn't care much for her children. We had everything...
  11. corollinout

    Wanted to share

    I shot some family portraits last weekend and I love this one from that day. The client came to me with an idea of what they wanted and I was more than happy to capture these memories for them. SI7253 by Sampson Images, on Flickr
  12. corollinout

    Richmond International Raceway - Toyota Owners 400

    My wife and I headed to Richmond for the Nascar Race last weekend. Here is a pano from our seats. A great time before the race and during, but leaving is a nightmare. I'm still working on the pictures from the race. SI6497 by Sampson Images, on Flickr Here is a link to view larger...
  13. corollinout


    I love these trees, always beautiful. Went for a walk through Fairy Landing Hunting Reserve and there are a lot of dogwoods in there. I went looking for birds, but they weren't around this time. SI6289 by Sampson Images, on Flickr
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    Vote for me!

    I entered a photo contest and as a finalist viewers get to vote on the photo they like best. Mine is the picture of the Thomas Johnson Bridge at the bottom. Even if you don't vote for me, there are some awesome photos to look at. Thank you! Save the Bay Photo Contest - Viewer's Choice Award -...
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    Looking North

    This is looking north from St Marys County on the Patuxent. I went out in hopes to see some northern lights. SI5853 by Sampson Images, on Flickr
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    Blooming soon!

    With the warm weather approaching, the flowers will be budding than blooming soon. Here is one from last year walking through the woods in Dunkirk. SI1103 by Sampson Images, on Flickr Since I am on the subject of flowers, here is one from a wedding I covered a couple weeks ago...
  17. corollinout

    Spring has got to be here soon

    Because the Osprey have been back. SI5618 by Sampson Images, on Flickr
  18. corollinout

    Calvert Marina Sunset

    Went down to Calvert Marina in Dowell while my daughter was in dance class. Decided to take the sunset from a different location. I think it turned out great. SI4684 by Sampson Images, on Flickr
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    I went down to the public fishing pier in Solomons to work on an idea that has been running through my head for a little while now. I had no intentions of photographing the bridge, as I have many times before. The Patuxent on the other hand gave me a good reason to, I can't say I have seen the...
  20. corollinout

    Solomons Boat Ramp

    SI3998 by Sampson Images, on Flickr