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    Vote For The Democrats

    George Will sums it up... "So, to vote against his party’s cowering congressional caucuses is to affirm the nation’s honor while quarantining him. A Democratic-controlled Congress would be a basket of deplorables, but there would be enough Republicans to gum up the Senate’s machinery, keeping...
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    Patuxent Boulevard/Route4/TJ Bridge traffic

    Curtis Homes is proposing to add 80 condos to the 360 homes already approved for Woods at Myrtle point on Patuxent Boulevard. They were turned down at the Planning Commission (a rare event) and have appealed to the Board Of Appeals which is even more pro-development than the Planning Commission...
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    12 cookies

    A wealthy CEO, a Tea Party Republican, an immigrant and a poor person were sitting at a table. In the middle of the table is a dozen cookies. The CEO grabs 11 of the cookies and leans over to the Tea Party guy and says: “ You had better watch those guys, they’re after your cookie.“
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    Activists, legislators tout statewide poll results before hearing for Clean Energy Jobs Act

    Cost of energy The market price of energy doesn’t nearly capture all the costs to society of fossil fuel use. “Air pollution is linked to an increased risk of preterm birth, and the consequences may be costing the United States more than $4 billion a year, a new study estimates.”...
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    Age discrimination at contractors NAS/PAX

    Interesting thread and I’ve heard similar stories about West Marine and Best Buy reducing costs with wholesale firing and rehiring at lower rates. The media is full of stories about stagnant fortunes for the middle class.
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    No More Rain Tax St. Mary's, Calvert and Charles were never subject to the state tax and the areas that were, implemented it in a lot of different ways. Over 2000 jurisdictions in the United States, including these 10 specific jurisdictions in...
  7. Woods at Myrtle Point Mud in Sam Abell Cove

    Woods at Myrtle Point Mud in Sam Abell Cove

    Tidal cove off Patuxent River choked with WAMP muddy run off
  8. Woods at Myrtle Point Muddy water

    Woods at Myrtle Point Muddy water

    Sediment starts to settle out in a few hours
  9. Muddy run off from Woods at Myrtle Point

    Muddy run off from Woods at Myrtle Point

    Mud to Patuxent River from development
  10. Woods at Myrtle Point mud in Mill Cove

    Woods at Myrtle Point mud in Mill Cove

    Patuxent River tributary with muddy run off, Mill Cove
  11. Woods at Myrtle Point failed silt fence

    Woods at Myrtle Point failed silt fence

    Muddy Water on to Patuxent River
  12. WAMP 2015 photos

    WAMP 2015 photos

    Woods at Myrtle Point - Mud under the silt fence on to Patuxent River
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    Wind Farms in Somerset County

    1. Wind turbine blades kill bald and golden eagles by the thousands. Thanks to new legislation, they will be able to do so legally. You can probably add ospreys as well. (That should rid us of those pesky little national symbols.) 2. Wind turbine blades produce a low frequency beating that can...
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    Complete failure @ Wildewood & Rt 4 light

    Yea, I guess the Leonardtown crowd figured the residents would sprout wings or own teleporters by now. The initial approvals for WW and Woods at Myrtle Point were made decades ago but the various phases have to be approved by the Planning Commission (a rubber stamp process) and individual...
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    Complete failure @ Wildewood & Rt 4 light

    WW has got permits for another 1,000 homes or so. Get used to slower traffic because that’s what people want; at least that’s what they vote for.
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    So,....where does Md fit with retirees?

    I see that Maryland is the top state in the country for millionaires per capita, seems like we all aren't on the dole. People that are unhappy here should leave immediately, they would be happier as well as the ones who stay behind. If you are too sorry to...
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    Zuza running for Delegate 29c Dist. 29c encompasses central St Mary's County including California, Hollywood, Medley's Neck and to the Potomac south of Breton Bay as well as southern Calvert County. Come out and meet the candidate. The...
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    Fractivists Weep Some more detail on the Parker County story. The Oil companies (including Range) have deep pockets, friends in high places, and they are very aggressive. Reminds me of the tobacco companies. If the industry doesn't get ahead of...
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    Shaky Texas

    Is fracking causing earthquakes in Texas? - Fortune Features Another wrinkle in the fracking debate.