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    Patuxent Boulevard/Route4/TJ Bridge traffic

    Curtis Homes is proposing to add 80 condos to the 360 homes already approved for Woods at Myrtle point on Patuxent Boulevard. They were turned down at the Planning Commission (a rare event) and have appealed to the Board Of Appeals which is even more pro-development than the Planning Commission...
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    12 cookies

    A wealthy CEO, a Tea Party Republican, an immigrant and a poor person were sitting at a table. In the middle of the table is a dozen cookies. The CEO grabs 11 of the cookies and leans over to the Tea Party guy and says: “ You had better watch those guys, they’re after your cookie.“
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    Zuza running for Delegate 29c Dist. 29c encompasses central St Mary's County including California, Hollywood, Medley's Neck and to the Potomac south of Breton Bay as well as southern Calvert County. Come out and meet the candidate. The...
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    Shaky Texas

    Is fracking causing earthquakes in Texas? - Fortune Features Another wrinkle in the fracking debate.
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    Civilian Drone Deaths

    No wonder we are hated so much in the middle east. "In Yemen, Human Rights Watch investigated six selected airstrikes since 2009 and concluded that at least 57 of the 82 people killed were civilians, including a pregnant woman and three children who perished in a September 2012 attack."...
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    Woods at Myrtle Point Mud

    It’s hard to believe Curtis Homes can get away with this at Woods at Myrtle Point. Check out these pictures. July 2013
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    Woods At Myrtle Point

    Anyone buying in Woods at Myrtle Point should be careful. The original New York developer went under in the 1980s. After his bankruptcy the site was owned by the Resolution Trust Corp. and later the FDIC. The County acquired the 200 acre waterfront portion as Myrtle Point Park and PF Summers...
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    FDR “Boondoggle” Boulevard

    FDR Boulevard is being touted as a feeder road for neighborhoods and the commercial strip at a cost of $42M and up yet is only a block away from Rt. 235. Traffic improvements will be minimal and folks in the areas it purports to serve are leery of it so the question is: Who benefits from...