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  1. JenniferCNJR

    Classified Ad Response

    Is this a normal email to get in response to a classified ad posted on somd? Seems odd to me but didn't know if this is a standard auto response if someone clicks "email advertiser".... I am interested in purchasing your item and i would love to know more about the item and i have some...
  2. JenniferCNJR

    Pop Up Blocker

    Any suggestions? I am not technical computer savy but just want these annoying pop ups to go away :cds:
  3. JenniferCNJR

    Sunday Telemarketer Calls

    Is it illegal and if so, is there an FCC link to state so? I have googled it and the "suggested link" indicated Sundays and holidays are off limits but for the life of me, I can't find the actual law. Please help if you can.
  4. JenniferCNJR

    Classified Ad

    Is there a way to view an expired ad that I placed within the last year?
  5. JenniferCNJR

    Hey WR

    Is this a threat? This made me think of you :huggy:
  6. JenniferCNJR


    Let's draw it out of the Westlake thread to be respectful. You are a DOUCHE!! Are you summer fresh at least?
  7. JenniferCNJR

    Do you ever....

    ....feel like you are the only person in the world, awake? Can't sleep. Someone entertain me....
  8. JenniferCNJR

    Funny/Stupid pick up lines

    Just got a text: "You must be tired. You've been running through my mind all day." Completely stupid, but it made me laugh :biggrin: More?
  9. JenniferCNJR

    Entertaining reading....

    I am home, under the weather, yet a little bored. Are there any "must read" threads that anyone can suggest?