1. Amish Tractor

    Amish Tractor

  2. Plowing the Field

    Plowing the Field

    Plowing a field in St. Mary's County with a four horse team. The farmer was not at all thrilled about being photographed. He refused to continue plowing until after I left. June 2003.
  3. Buggy on the Road

    Buggy on the Road

    A classic view of an Amish horse and buggy coming down the road. June 2003.
  4. Cutting Grass

    Cutting Grass

    Cutting the grass with real horsepower.
  5. Visiting Family

    Visiting Family

    Amish from Lancaster, Pennsylvania are visiting their family from Mechanicsville. Here they are observing the Potomac River from in front of the Piney Point Lighthouse. The children were having a great time fishing from the nearby docks.