1. Yooper

    Mazda Covered in Thousands of Bugs Click over. The picture is incredible. --- End of line (MCP)
  2. Yooper

    Snow Removal, Cars, Russia (This Week In "It May Take A Moment")

    Well, it probably won't take you moment to "see it." But it may take you a moment to say, "Wow!" --- End of line (MCP)
  3. Yooper

    Wishin' ALL A Great Monday! (Tow Truck Edition)

    --- End of line (MCP)
  4. Yooper

    This Is How We Did It.... (Sung To The Tune Of The Montel Jordan Song)

    1930's? 1940's? What do y'all think? --- End of line (MCP)
  5. Yooper

    I Want To Buy An Old Truck; But No Idea Where To Start.

    I'm finally at the point where financially I can and and would like to indulge myself in fulfilling a long-held wish: buy an old (pre-1980's Ford) pickup. Current rage is resto-mods. Not interested. Nor am I interested in doing the restoring (too old, too broken down, too impatient). What...
  6. Yooper

    Privacy Concerns: Automobiles Doing Data Collection

    So a few years back I was shopping for a car and I asked the very knowledgeable dealership folks what their parent auto company's policy was with regard to collection of personal data in the module that sits underneath the driver's seat (known by various and sundry names). They looked confused...
  7. Yooper

    Say "No" To Gasoline!

    In case this hasn't been posted before... (if so, apologies). Oh, the irony.... So many stupid things in this picture (a picture really is worth a thousand words); perfectly describes the lunacy and brain-dead thought processes of so many (far too many) on the Left. --- End of line (MCP)