1. Dawn on the Bay

    Dawn on the Bay

  2. Dawn at North Beach

    Dawn at North Beach

    Taken looking north at dawn
  3. Glorietta Bay Inn

    Glorietta Bay Inn

    Glorietta Bay Inn in San Diego, Ca at evening hours, with amazing sky background.
  4. Rock 04

    Rock 04

    another rock picture
  5. Rock 02

    Rock 02

    same as other rock photos
  6. St George Island Bridge

    St George Island Bridge

    Taken of St George Island bridge, from the mainland side.
  7. 05-chesapeake lcc

    05-chesapeake lcc

    Landsat 7 land cover maps to benefit Chesapeake Bay watershed. “Smarter” land use planning and better estimates of polluted water runoff across the 64,000 square-mile (110,000-square-kilometer) Chesapeake Bay watershed are on the horizon thanks to new land cover maps being produced by the...
  8. Cove Point Lighthouse

    Cove Point Lighthouse

    The lighthouse is located at Cove Point on the Chesapeake Bay, just north of Solomons Island in Calvert County. It is currently a functioning navigation aid and it is maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard. However, it is owned by the Calvert Marine Museum. Tours and access to the lighthouse are...