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  1. Yooper

    Intellectual Froglegs Click on the video at the top ("Latest Episode") and enjoy. For many of us, 30 minutes of pure joy! The funniest (for me) was around 3:30 and a few minutes following.... --- End of line (MCP)
  2. Yooper

    SPACECOM, Stupid! Then Again, Maybe Not: India Tests Anti-Satellite Weapon

    Not so long ago an esteemed member of this forum made the observation that POTUS was an idiot for pushing SPACECOM. Turns out there's now bi-partisan support for SPACECOM in Congress with more coming on-board in the wake of this: Link: "India Tests Anti-Satellite Weapon" Maybe not such an...
  3. Yooper

    VDH's "The Case For Trump"

    Have been reading Victor Davis Hanson's "The Case For Trump" (<- Link) and I must say it's quite the read. Certainly, there are forum members whose heads will explode reading this recommendation, but for those willing to give it a chance I think you'll find it well worth the time/effort. Hanson...
  4. Yooper

    When The Inertia Runs Out (Russian Navy)

    Nice post & worth the very few minutes it will take to read it. Posting also as I try to keep the CDR Salamander blog visible; great blog and entree into things naval/military.... Link: The Russian Navy: When Inertia Runs Out --- End of line (MCP)
  5. Yooper

    A New Take On "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" (A 1-Minute, Political Satire YouTube Video)

    Please, oh please, take the minute it takes to watch this.... :p:p:p:p:p:p --- End of line (MCP)
  6. Yooper

    Stop Medieval Diseases With a Medieval Wall

    Hmmm. The media recently reported that Los Angeles County’s ongoing typhus epidemic had infected Deputy City Attorney Liz Greenwood. "Who gets typhus? It's a medieval disease that's caused by trash,” she wondered. [...] The quarantine is history and typhus cases continue to rise in...
  7. Yooper

    Recent "The Atlantic" Story On Gun Control: Dems Need A New Massacre (Posted?)

    Recent "The Atlantic" Story On Gun Control: Dems Need A New Massacre? (Posted?) Did this get posted here yet? If so I'll delete (or Admin?). If not, wow.... Democrats Are Newly Emboldened on Gun Control Highlight: The Democrats’ championing of gun reform is not currently a first-tier story...
  8. Yooper

    Oregon LEOs Cleared Of Wrong-Doing In Shooting

    So what do we think? Take a look at the story (both clips snipped below and the full story (linked)). What are we to make of it? We have a "person of color" who seems to be a bit gender-confused who was in a dispute with the ex-wife over the kids, who had been investigated by the FBI for...
  9. Yooper

    Applying Pelosi's Logic

    --- End of line (MCP)
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    Tragic Loss. And What Could Drive A 12-Year Old To Try To Commit Suicide?

    This is utterly tragic. "Marisa, 22, was on her way to spend another evening with Perry, watching Season 2 of "Stranger Things" and studying. She was always studying. She had a plan: earn her master's degree in clinical mental-health counseling and become a child psychologist. She'd be...
  11. Yooper

    New Thread Inspired By Vrai's "Bohemian Rhapsody" Review

    Vrai's "Bohemian Rhapsody" Review Got THE Song Stuck In My Head. Then I Found This! This is pretty funny. And timely? Enjoy! --- End of line (MCP)
  12. Yooper

    Silence, Respect, Dignity, and Perseverance: The Story of the M17 Tomb of the Unknown Pistols

    A wonderful video from Sig Sauer on equipping Tomb of The Unknowns' Old Guard sentries. --- End of line (MCP)
  13. Yooper

    Now It's Bad Because It Looks Dangerous!

    Here's what the "Australian Solution" means.... Bolt-action rifle ordered turned in by Australian officials as it’s too ‘assaulty’ If so, that would mean hunting rifles such as the Ruger (bolt action) Precision Rifle would be banned. Not because it is an "assault rifle" (it isn't) or even...