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    Help! - Missing Dogs

    My Mom's two Miniature Schnauzer are missing. I let them out in the fenced back yard and for few minutes and they are gone. I can not see how they got out. I have been looking for them and not found them. If you see them please call or text me at 301-866-5460. My Father just passed away...
  2. mug shot

    mug shot

  3. Poor tired pup

    Poor tired pup

  4. A Boy and his dog

    A Boy and his dog

  5. Hmm....What did you say?

    Hmm....What did you say?

  6. Max Alert

    Max Alert

    Ready to go!! Throw it...where did it go!! My golden is a true retriever always on alert to GO GET IT!!!
  7. Best friends

    Best friends

    This picture was taken on the way to Sky Line Drive, My dog Noah and My Brother were comming down from a lookout point on the trip.
  8. Calvin's baby pict

    Calvin's baby pict

    This was taken for a promo on...what and tans...he was my assistent manager of the liquor store in OK a fews years ago...
  9. Calvin 1

    Calvin 1

    Calvin was NOT supposed to be on this afghan...he was asleep and I tried to get his pict when he heard me...