military life

  1. Yooper

    "Can't Believe We Miss This"

    True. True. Absolutely, 100% T R U E. THANK YOU for your service, all of you out there! And "Happy 4th of July," America! --- End of line (MCP)
  2. Yooper

    Does This Bring Back Memories?

    I didn't do this with a HMMWV, but I did do it with a tank (threw both tracks to the inside). Looking back, recovery was a messy blast. At the time, not so much. Just like Home Ec. How 'bout y'all? --- End of line (MCP)
  3. Yooper


    My life for a number of years (though M60's, not these M1's). Nice pix (especially the last one at the bottom of the article!); nice video. So click over and enjoy! Good times. Good times. --- End of line (MCP)
  4. Yooper

    My College Cry Room

    Paula Bolyard (PJ Media Daily Blog) hits a home room on this 2019 MLB Opening Day: Good times. Good times. Whaaaat? No, that wasn't any kind of good time! Sucked, in fact. I cried and threw up. Left my vomit at both Fort Bragg and Fort Knox! I'm sure I wasn't and am not alone in this...
  5. Yooper

    The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!

    Other than to say that this video appears to have been made by or with the assistance of the Russian Ministry of Defense, this is posted w/o comment. Yet. --- End of line (MCP)
  6. Yooper

    Here's Another Reason I Was Glad To Join The Army!

    This must absolutely suck! Link: So, how was your deployment? --- End of line (MCP)