1. Satellite View

    Satellite View

    From NASA: Although she had subsided from a Category 5 to a Category 2 storm, Hurricane Isabel still packed considerable punch as she came ashore between Cape Lookout and Cape Hatteras on North Carolina’s Outer Banks on September 18, 2003. Isabel grew to a massive size just before she hit...
  2. The Eye of Isabel

    The Eye of Isabel

    An excellent photo from NASA showing the eye of Hurricane Isabel as seen from space.
  3. Tornado Swath that devastated La Plata

    Tornado Swath that devastated La Plata

    NASA Satellite Zooms in on Tornado Swath that devastated La Plata, MD.. A number of severe thunder storms swept through the mid-Atlantic states on April 28, bringing high winds, hailstones, and heavy rains to many areas. The intense storms spawned at least two tornadoes, one of which was...
  4. Patuxent Naval Air Station Oct-1994

    Patuxent Naval Air Station Oct-1994

    Patuxent Naval Air Station, Maryland, U.S.A. October 1994. The forested, gently rolling region of southeastern Maryland is visible in this color-infrared, south-southwest-looking, low-oblique view. The runways of the Patuxent Naval Air Center are visible near the center of the image. The Air...
  5. 05-chesapeake lcc

    05-chesapeake lcc

    Landsat 7 land cover maps to benefit Chesapeake Bay watershed. “Smarter” land use planning and better estimates of polluted water runoff across the 64,000 square-mile (110,000-square-kilometer) Chesapeake Bay watershed are on the horizon thanks to new land cover maps being produced by the...