‘Climate Change’ Is Make or Break for Dating


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CBS Mornings apparently had nothing important to talk about on Wednesday. What’s new?

During their “Talk of the Table” segment, hosts gathered to talk about how climate change affects your dating life. Supposedly results from an OKCupid dating app poll indicated that not believing in climate change is the biggest deal breaker for app users.

Talk about a waste of airtime.

OKCupid is an internet dating service. Think of Christian Mingle and think of the furthest thing from it. That’s what OKCupid is. The app regularly panders to leftist talking points. In 2022, the app released a slew of virtual Valentine's Day cards. The cards featured plants barely covering cartoon genitalia, nipple stickers, gay hugs and orgies. A few months prior, in September 2021, the dating service created a “Pro-Choice” badge for users to add to their profile to indicate that they support abortion.

Talk about a prime example of a leftist business!