‘The System’s Not Working’ Is Liberal Speak For ‘We’re Not Getting What We Want’


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The news induced Vox’s Ezra Klein to argue that a “lifetime appointment for a Supreme Court Justice who a plurality oppose at the time of his appointment, and who was nominated by a president and confirmed by a political party that were also unpopular, is quite a way for a system to work.” His sentiment was echoed across liberal punditry.


We’re not only talking about activists on social media, but also about senators on the Judiciary Committee like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, and former presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton, who shamelessly repeated the lie that Kavanaugh referred to birth-control pills as “abortion-inducing drugs” to millions of her followers after it had already been thoroughly debunked, even by left-leaning fact checkers.

Democrats are increasingly comfortable arguing against the “undemocratic” Constitution, seeing the system as the opposition. We see it most notably with opposition to the Electoral College, but centralizing federal power has long been a goal of the Left. If you support big government, it’s useful, but it’s also an expedient political argument to offer a civic-challenged electorate that recoils at the word “undemocratic.”

Many liberals don’t believe in proportional representation at all because they’d like to see New York and California dictating how people in Idaho and Arizona live their lives. That’s no secret. Right now, though, the idea that a senator from Utah should vote against a Supreme Court nominee because a bunch of people in New York don’t like him is absurd.

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I'm not sure why this made me think of this story - but we've certainly lived in STATES where a major city dominates the rest of the state, and politicians who want to be elected to statewide office make sure that people in that city have as much as they want.

Obviously in Maryland, I'm referring to Baltimore, but it could be any state with one very large city that dominates all of it - Illinois, New York, Massachusetts and so forth.

Anyway, I was on a cruise ship with my then baby son, and I talked to the nursery worker, who like my son also was from Russia.
I told her we had just come from Moscow, and was amazed - it was quite beautiful.

Her answered surprised me - "It is because Moscow steals from the rest of the country" she said with a bit of a smirk.
Obviously not happy with it.

So - NOT in favor of major cities dominating decisions for the entire country - we've seen it in the states.