1 Chronicles 3 Highlights


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1 Chronicles 3:David reigned in Jerusalem thirty-three years, 5 and these were the children born to him there:

Shammua,[a] Shobab, Nathan and Solomon. These four were by Bathsheba(b) daughter of Ammiel. 6 There were also Ibhar, Elishua,[c] Eliphelet, 7 Nogah, Nepheg, Japhia, 8 Elishama, Eliada and Eliphelet—nine in all. 9 All these were the sons of David, besides his sons by his concubines. And Tamar was their sister.

The Kings of Judah
10 Solomon’s son was Rehoboam,

Abijah his son,

Asa his son,

Jehoshaphat his son,

11 Jehoram[d] his son,

Ahaziah his son,

Joash his son,

12 Amaziah his son,

Azariah his son,

Jotham his son,

13 Ahaz his son,

Hezekiah his son,

Manasseh his son,

14 Amon his son,

Josiah his son.

15 The sons of Josiah:

Johanan the firstborn,

Jehoiakim the second son,

Zedekiah the third,

Shallum the fourth.

16 The successors of Jehoiakim:

Jehoiachin[e] his son,

and Zedekiah.​

a. 1 Chronicles 3:5 Hebrew Shimea, a variant of Shammua
b. 1 Chronicles 3:5 One Hebrew manuscript and Vulgate (see also Septuagint and 2 Samuel 11:3); most Hebrew manuscripts Bathshua
c. 1 Chronicles 3:6 Two Hebrew manuscripts (see also 2 Samuel 5:15 and 1 Chron. 14:5); most Hebrew manuscripts Elishama
d. 1 Chronicles 3:11 Hebrew Joram, a variant of Jehoram
e. 1 Chronicles 3:16 Hebrew Jeconiah, a variant of Jehoiachin; also in verse 17

Tired of lists? Well, I'm not done reading them.... there might be in necessary tidbit hidden in there.

I'm using the easy English site this morning.

In Jerusalem, David had 13 more sons by his principal wives. He had other children by his secondary wives.

The author of Chronicles does not tell us about Bathsheba. She was the wife of Uriah. David had sex with Bathsheba and she was expecting his baby. So, he arranged for Uriah to die in battle. Then he married Bathsheba. But the baby died (2 Samuel chapter 11).

Solomon is the last of Bathsheba’s sons in this list. But he was the oldest of them.

In some copies of the Bible, Elishua is Elishama. If this is correct then there are two sons in this list called Elishama. And there were two sons called Eliphelet. It could be that the older one of each name had died. And the parents gave these names to later sons.

David had many daughters but only Tamar is in this list. Her mother was Maacah and her brother was Absalom. Her half-brother Amnon forced her to have sex with him. (A ‘half-brother’ means a brother if there is only one parent in common.) Because Amnon forced Tamar to have sex, Absalom killed Amnon (2 Samuel chapter 13).

Solomon ruled all Israel. He became king in about 970 BC and he ruled for 40 years. In the days of Rehoboam, 10 of the tribes refused to have him as their king. Those 10 tribes became the northern kingdom. They took the name of Israel. The tribes of Judah and Benjamin were loyal to Rehoboam. This was called the kingdom of Judah. Rehoboam ruled for 17 years. He was not a good king. Then his son Abijah ruled for about 3 years. The next king was Asa. He ruled for 41 years. For most of this time, Asa was a better king than his father was. But in the end, he refused to do what was right. When he died, his son Jehoshaphat ruled as king of Judah. He was a good king but even he was not completely loyal to the LORD.

Jehoram was one of the worst of the kings of Judah. He married Athaliah, the daughter of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel who ruled Israel. Jehoram turned away from God. He caused the people in Judah to worship false gods. And he murdered all his brothers. He ruled for 4 years and then his son Ahaziah ruled for one year. Ahaziah did the same wicked things that his father had done. Athaliah the wife of Jehoram seized control and ruled for 6 years. She was a wicked woman as was her mother Jezebel. Athaliah tried to kill all the royal family but she did not find Ahaziah’s son Joash. His aunt took him to the priests and they hid him in the temple. At first Joash did what was right. At that time, he served the LORD. But after some years, Joash turned away from the LORD and he served false gods. He ruled for 40 years.

Amaziah ruled for 29 years. His son Azariah ruled for 52 years. This man had two names. The other one is Uzziah. He was a strong king. But because of his sin, he ended his days with a serious skin disease. His son Jotham took over the rule from Azariah. Jotham ruled for 16 years.

The next king was Ahaz and he ruled for 16 years. He was probably the worst king of Judah. He did not worship the LORD. He worshipped the god Baal and other false gods. But his son Hezekiah was so different. He worked hard to bring the people back to the real God. He ruled for 28 years and then his son Manasseh ruled for 55 years. Manasseh was as bad as his grandfather was for most of his life. In the end, he did repent of his wicked behaviour and he turned to the LORD.

The next king Amon ruled only for a couple of years. His son Josiah was only 8 years old when he began to rule. He was loyal to the LORD for all the 31 years that he ruled. He led the people to turn from false gods and to turn to the real God.

Josiah had 4 sons. The first son probably died before his father and so he did not rule. The 4th son, Shallum became king. His other name was Jehoahaz. He ruled a few months but the king of Egypt took him in exile to Egypt. He died there. Then Jehoiakim ruled for about 11 years. But he was the servant of the king of Egypt for the first 4 years. Then he was a servant of the king of Babylon for three years. For the last 4 years, he was free but he was weak. His son Jehoiachin ruled for 100 days before the king of Babylon took him into exile in Babylon.

The king of Babylon made Zedekiah (the third son of Josiah) king in Jerusalem. He ruled as a servant of the king of Babylon for 11 years.

Zedekiah the son of Jehoiakim was a nephew of King Zedekiah.​

A lot of summary and recap here. I love a good review.

The plight of women is in this commentary... layers of wives... are you kidding me? But, I guess when procreation is the main plan... I guess there would be favorites. 2 Kings 11:3 says that Solomon had 1000 wives and concubines.

I googled "how many wives did Solomon have" the answer said "2" check out the link.... Luckily the "got questions" site was right below it with the right answer.

I see two major problems.... idols and wives.... They shouldn't have worshiped the idols.... They shouldn't have layered their wives. No wife wants to be "secondary".