10 Classic European Cars No Collector Wants To Buy (But Should)


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Hillman Imp

When it came out in 1963, the Hillman Imp was the first car to be made in Scotland in 35 years. Rootes had every hope that the Hillman Imp would be able to rival the iconic Mini. But even though the Imp carried the better engine (a four-cylinder and very lightweight aluminum one), it was made obsolete by the Mini. Today, as then, the Hillman Imp has a rather deserved reputation for unreliability. Rootes’s rush to get the car thrown into the market left a lifelong impact on its quality. Even then, the Imp suffered from defective water pumps, overheating, water leaks, throttle issues, and subpar performance.



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Other than the porshe, I can see why they're not popular items.

The Hillman is the automotive version of yesterdays "lady stabber" in LP.