10 things I don't like that everyone else likes


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1. Green peppers
2. Oysters
3. Foo foo alcoholic drinks
4. Relaxing and doing nothing
5. Large crowded events
6. Celebrities
7. High heels
8. Reality TV shows
9. Beyonce music
10. Fluffy bath towels

Now do yours....


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Vrai, I completely agree with you, point by point, until #10. What's wrong with you? Are you even human? Now we are sworn enemies.


I am so very blessed
Name 10 things that you don’t like that everyone else does. In no particular order:

  1. The smell of coffee
  2. Watching most movies
  3. Staying up late
  4. Cats
  5. Sports
  6. Beaches/Sand
  7. Electronics/New phones
  8. Mexican food
  9. Lots of noise/activity
  10. Shopping Malls


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1 shellfish
2 mollusks
3 extroverts
4 fabric softener
5 tide detergent
6 social media
7 American idol
8 women that wear a lot of makeup
9 current popular music
10 parties


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In no particular order.

  1. green peppers
  2. cheap liquor
  3. my male pattern baldness
  4. peas
  5. rudeness
  6. drama queens
  7. blue ink pens
  8. ford vehicles
  9. come downers
  10. being interrupted


Throwing the deuces
1 coffee
2 alcohol
3 people/socializing
4 social media
5 shopping
6 reading books
7 going to movies
8 eating meat with bones it them (steak/fried chicken)
9 music other than from the 80's/90's
10 having a lot of material items


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  1. schnitzel & noodles
  2. metro-sexual “men”
  3. anybody named Paris & Nicole
  4. yellow snowmen
  5. left threading nuts and bolts
  6. lists’ that are mandated to be 10
  7. that Novato commercial with the guy with a beehive on his head
  8. see number 6
  9. an old grey hen
  10. Popeyes murder sammich
  1. Crowds
  2. Restaurants that plop your food in the middle of a ginormous plate and the drizzle-draw around your food.
  3. Beer - hard liquor or hard cider, please
  4. Road trips. I keep waiting on portal technology.
  5. Jazz music - enjoy pretty much all other genres
  6. Seafood - closest I can get to is tuna in a foil pouch, not canned but then only with Miracle Whip not Mayo.
  7. Getting wet - don't wanna be in the rain, the ocean, but under limited circumstances maybe a pool.
  8. Big dogs - anything over 40 lbs; can visit with them fine but wouldn't want to own them.
  9. Mushrooms - yuck.
  10. Cloves - the smell, the taste - very offensive.


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Little dogs
Video games
Cars for kids commercials
The smell of Popcorn
Caribbean Cruises