16 Year Old Recruits????


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Say it ain't so GI Joe! What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately I suspect boot isn't stringent enough as it is so lets water it down even more. Just bring back the draft and kick some ass to FIX the problem..

Compare 50 years ago compared to today. Yes cupcakes that the finger they're giving to the NK dinks.

Compare that to today... REAL farking tears!

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Hope this doesn't happen. Nevertheless, interesting if only that I was reading the other day in a professional journal that the Army is considering upping the age for infantry to at least 21 (maybe 24? can't quite remember). The idea is that the battlefield has become too complicated in so many domains that we need older, more mature grunts.

I guess, though, that the counter is that these 16 YO are killer Battlefield video game players.... So there's that. 🤪

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So the 18-20 somethings get arrested more than the 16 YOs. Let's enlist the 16 YOs and then they can make poor decisions as 18-20s that result in admin/discipline issues for the services. I say let the civilian authorities scrub the available pool just like it is now.