17 Key Personality Types When It Comes to Handling Coronavirus


10,11, 12, and 15

15 for the simple fact that I think this will also change education & teleworking for the good and our social norms for a very long time.

I almost slapped a #2 last week and somebody higher than me on the work pole kicked her out of the office Friday. That kind of crap is not good for anyone. Wish I could have slapped her though. :mad: I really wanted to slap her. Not as much as Nasty Peloski but a tight 2nd.


There are a few #2s on my FB and I hid them for 30 days because my temper was starting to get iffy. I've also hidden all the #5s.

I have a #5 :roflmao:He is always posting pictures of empty shelves looking for toliet paper and a few of my friends always seem to run into him at the store and snap his picture.


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10, 11, 12 and 15. Not all of them all the time - varying degrees of each one.


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#3 and #13 here..
I already have enough facemasks left over from last years allergies , I use them when I cut the grass, I did make my own hand sanitizer, and I don't lose sleep worrying about the virus. My health is good for a 77 year old and Yes, If the man up stairs wants me he can get me anytime when I ride my Harley or just contract any number of ailments or just drop dead in my sleep.