2 - 34 or 6% success rate...


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2-34 or 6% success rate...

This is how the ignorati define success!

Roundup: Trump-Era Deregulation in the Courts

The Institute for Policy Integrity tracks the outcomes of litigation over the Trump administration’s deregulatory efforts in this Roundup. The Roundup includes litigation over federal agency rule suspensions; repeals; rescissions; efforts to weaken regulations through guidance, memoranda, amendments, or replacements; and other agency actions.

The Trump Administration has lost 34 of 36 cases regarding deregulation attempts that ended up in the courts.

As has been pointed out before, Trump has actually cut the number of regulations he claims. Trump doesn't accomplish most of the stuff he claims! The regulations he "cut" upon entering office weren't regulations...they were proposed or hadn't been finalized.

His record on cutting actual in force regulations, like his record on everything else, is abysmal. Why does Trump keep losing???

He doesn't know what he's doing. He has no experience. He has no expertise in any subject. He doesn't know the law. He doesn't know the constitution. He doesn't listen to anyone when they tell them what he can/can't do.

In other words, he is inept, incompetent and completely unfit for the job.