2 time boxing champ now works as a cashier


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An interesting look at this guy's life after the ring. He was a stablemate of Tony Ayala, who would spend decades in prison for rape.

“Did you know he was a famous boxer?”

She is pointing at the cashier, a squat but muscular man who does not look up from his work of sliding each item over the bar-code reader. I try not to stare as I size him up. His nose is flattened between his eyes. His gnarled hands look more suited for work behind the meat counter than in the checkout lane.

His face is puffy and wrinkled with age, but decades ago, it was plastered on magazine covers with headlines like “Matinee Idol” and “Tomorrow’s Champion.” That face, with its dimpled chin and combed-back hair that made him look like a young John Travolta, was the face of New Jersey boxing for most of the early 1980s.

This is a former world champion who earned about $2 million in his career and once fought boxing legend Evander Holyfield under the bright lights at Madison Square Garden.

This is … Bobby Czyz?
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