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Black Radio Host FIRED After Going On CNN To EXPOSE Biden Campaign Rigging Interview Questions!​



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Democrats STAGE COUP Against Biden To SAVE Democracy, Biden REFUSES To Quit, Trump CRUSHING POLLS​



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The Libs are pushing Harris who they must not know what she's being doing for 3 1/2 years. All she has screwed up the jobs given. Then her word salad interviews.


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BREAKING: Former Biden stenographer Mike McCormick believes Joe Biden blackmailed Barack Obama with threats of revealing the former president’s alleged private hom*s*xual lifestyle.

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We are witnessing the Biden inner-circle attempt the Ralph Northam maneuver. Sure, the president had an abysmal debate, didn’t do a sit-down on-camera interview until a week later, and his staff is telling radio interviewers what questions to ask. But Biden has all the delegates he needs to stay the party’s nominee in 2024, and it’s exceptionally difficult to remove a president who doesn’t want to leave office. Eric Felten contended in the Wall Street Journal last week that the current circumstances are proving that the 25th Amendment “is practically useless when a president is incapacitated and won’t admit it. . . . Cabinet secretaries are chosen by the president and serve at his pleasure. What politician is going to kick to the curb the man who gave him his high office?”

The Biden family and its closest aides are betting that frustrated or panicking Democrats will flinch once they realize how difficult it will be to remove him as the nominee or as president.

Biden confidantes, having seen Joe hang on just well enough to stay in the race against Donald Trump, are talking themselves into believing that rerunning the “basement campaign” from 2020 will do just well enough to reach 270 electoral votes. If the “blue wall” of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin holds, Biden likely hangs on. (Note that surveys showing Biden ahead in Pennsylvania are few and far between.)

And if Biden hangs on for another term, everyone in the family keeps their status and influence, and Hunter gets the pardon that the president promised he would not deliver.

The alternative is that Biden resigns office or chooses to not be his party’s nominee, which would a de facto admission of guilt. It would confirm the widespread suspicions that everyone in Biden’s inner circle is an Edith Wilson — secretly enjoying the powers of the presidency as an incapacitated, barely functioning man waves to the crowd as a figurehead.

Recent days have brought reports of senior staffers making decisions for the president without consulting him. Axios reports Biden “is staffed so closely that he’s lost all independence. POTUS relies on staff to nudge him with reminders of who he’s meeting, including former staffers and advisers who Biden should easily remember without a reminder from [Deputy Chief of Staff Annie] Tomasini.” Axios separately reported that, “For his events, Biden’s staffers prepare a short document with large print and photos that include his precise path to a podium. . . . The staffer who helped with the fundraiser told Axios: ‘It surprised me that a seasoned political pro like the president would need detailed verbal and visual instructions on how to enter and exit a room.’”



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The President is not making decisions. That is apparent to me.
He hasn't been making decisions for years.

A vote for Joebama is an idiot vote only a moron would make


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Jon Stewart SLAMS Biden, Calls To OVERTURN Democrat Primary, Media COORDINATES To REMOVE Biden​



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🔥 CNN ran a high-stakes story yesterday headlined, “Analysis: How Biden’s 2024 choice could reshape the Senate and Supreme Court for years.” The article explained what is making the Democrats more anxious than an invitation to a four-hour sitar music concert.

image 5.png

CNN, like more intelligent and politically savvy dems, looked beyond the presidency to all the lost House and Senate seats, the Supreme Court (!), and most important of all, the lost federal appointments for CNN reporters:

image 6.png

In other words, Joe is being selfish. Other people need to win elections too, and need appointment to cushy, low-accountability jobs in the federal government. That is why Biden’s true sin is not have the mental acuity of a below-average turnip, but rather looking weak compared to Trump.

As they always say, a sinking Presidential tide maroons all boats.

Speaking of tides, the anti-Turnip tide appears to be on the ebb. Joe’s defiant, ghost-written letter looks to have won the day, for now. Yesterday, the Turnip delivered a 100% scripted address at the NATO Summit, providing plenty of material had the media wished to keep piling on. But instead, they reported his short, mechanically-read speech as “forceful.”

For example, Reuters:

image 8.png

Forecfully? Biden marched around the stage in slow motion, like a toy robot running out of batteries, underwater, going uphill. His head swiveled back and forth between the two teleprompters, eyes glued to the screens, as he bi-tonally read the words, either mumbly and all running together, or shouting at Putin. Putin!

image 7.png
Biden only wandered off script twice, and both times crashed. Both unscripted moments involved retiring NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. When introducing the Secretary, Biden got a little too happy and briefly ad libbed, uncomfortably talking about Stoltenberg’s wife.

Whatever Joe was trying to say about the Secretary’s wife was completely incomprehensible, and scientists are still examining the remains.

But then Joe went off mic, turning the rest of his speech over to a military aide of some kind, and decided to personally drape the Presidential Medal of Freedom over Stoltenberg’s shoulders. Stoltenberg is slightly taller than Joe (no Macron jokes, please), re requiring Joe to lift his arms much higher than usual, which normally hang lifelessly from his shoulders like two pallid German sausages.

To receive the highest honor, Stolteberg turned his back to Joe, to get the medal. Joe moved in close behind the Secretary. Moving painfully slowly. Then, as Stolteberg stiffly waited, hearing Joe inching closer and closer, but unable to see what was happening behind him, Joe slowly scooted toward the Secretary, eventually closing the gap between the two men, so he could fully reach around Stoltenberg’s shoulders.

As the world watched in expectant horror, the veins in Stoltenberg’s neck were popping out so far they looked as if they were trying to spring out and leave the rest of him behind. You can almost see tiny bits of the Secretary’s molars flying out of his grinning mouth in a puff of white dust, as he gritted his teeth and soldierly bore what could fairly be described as a Masonic humiliation ritual.

It created a long, iconic, awkward moment those NATO delegates will be talking about at cocktail parties twenty years from now and Stoltenberg’s kids will be tearfully discussing with their A.I. therapists well into their 80’s. And Joe just crashed the market for Presidential Freedom Medals. (“No thanks, YOU can have my Medal of Freedom. I’m not doing THAT.”)

image 9.png

It took Joe forever to climax … whatever he was doing. Putting the medal on. Embracing the Secretary. Leading from behind.

Right behind.

To be honest, I personally am still enduring the psychological after-effects of that horrifying spectacle. I suffered so that you wouldn’t have to watch it. Somebody had to do it, I suppose. You’re welcome.

But the bigger point is that the media had ample material, had they wanted to torpedo the presumptive Democrat nominee. But they went the other way, plumping Joe’s short, stiff, awkwardly intimate and quite memorable speech into some kind of comeback.

Don’t be sad. We enjoyed having a real media for a day, which is one day more than they’ve let us have for the last three and a half years. And things could be worse. Much worse. We could’ve gotten Medals of Freedom, too. Ugh.