304,000 ..is that a lot of jubs?


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Been waiting for you to post something you freaking idiot.:killingme

Didn't read the report did you? Didn't read the article either? Just read headline??? Why do you make it so easy to point out how stupid and uniformed you are?

So..had you read the article or the press release from the BLS, you would have noticed the rather massive negative revisions to the December payroll report. Taken as a whole, which is how people who actually know what they are talking about do, the net number for January was 230k. Still strong, but not the number your dumb ass presents.

And, there was a 500,000 increase in the number of people who were working part time for economic reasons. You remember that stat right? You pissed and moaned about it under the last administration. That was a terrible increase and, according the PR, due largely to the partial govt shutdown which was due solely to the actions of our inept and incompetent president.

Overall this was a pretty decent report. Of course, it isn't what YOU think it is because you are too lazy to actually read it...dumbass. :killingme