35 Workplace Behaviors That People Say Are Actually Toxic


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"This is a family"

No it's not..its a business..

#4 - Forced team bonding events.

Yeah, one can’t force friendship in my opinion. When it’s the main goal of the event, it seems really awkward. Correct me if I’m wrong though!

executives: You will enjoy this court mandated friendship while trying to build a bridge out of popsicle sticks with Bob from accounting. If you don't enjoy it you will be fired. This is how normal humans with a soul make connections right?

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The introverts' nightmare and absolutely useless. "Social studies" that result in this type of advice to employers are frauds, quacks. https://www.forbes.com/sites/lizryan/2016/09/22/the-ugly-truth-about-team-building/

#11 -

Actually attending an “office” for completely remote-capable work.

We don’t need to be friends with coworkers.

The only reason to make someone go to an office for remote capable work is to watch them.

Seriously, My bosses office is across the hall and he still calls and emails us for updates and to give assignments. He never walks over. Why exactly do i need to be in an a room for 12hours w/ zero physical interaction. It's utter insanity. Let me work from home in peace.

I like my co-workers, I really do, but they are not the people I choose to socialize with outside of work. I prefer to spend time with my wife and family to social events with co-workers.

#13 - Asking people to donate their PTO instead of giving someone the time off they need.

#17 - Icebreakers and spirit questions. Don’t force people to reveal personal info about themselves. Just simply say your name and role if you need to do introductions.


Forcing people to stay until a certain time even if their workload is complete because you HAVE to be there.

We only get so much time in this world, I hate having to be somewhere only for the reason of having to be there.

That and giving more work if you complete your work early.


Moms getting priority with vacation. At my job I have been there over 20 years so I get 5 weeks vacation. At the first of every quarter we are supposed to request any vacation we want for the upcoming quarter. I always request on the first day.

Inevitably my boss will come to me and tell me I need to change my days because Becky wants to take her kids somewhere on those days. Usually a week or so before I was supposed to take off. Last year I lost 4 vacation days.

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Also #16 ... What kind of kick back is the boss man getting?


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If you want to get out of ever being invited to a potluck again, bring fermented herring.
I was thinking more Hákarl - but both are on the same scale I'm guessing.



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#16 - Being pressured to donate; to the Combined Federal Campaign while serving in the Army. Which was always requested by pestering senior NCO's, Squad Leaders, Platoon Sergeants. And when ground is stood upon in the form of donation rejection, (especially when on Private or Specialist pay), even more pressure is applied in an attempt to get you to sign up. Maybe that's why I got extra duties? Guessing they were looking for kudo points from command for 100% participation?