3D printed "steaks"


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No difference really than sausage, other than appearance. Wouldn't be my first choice but I don't think it would really bother me as long as it tasted fine.


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I think it's a fascinating idea/concept to be able to "print" your dinner at home, tailored to your specifications. All the "ingredients" stored and mixed with liquid before use. A prepper's dream scenario.

But I would have no interest whatever in doing this or buying it.


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Oh hell no! Cows, were put here on this earth to eat grass that we cannot. They then convert that grass into all kinds of things to grow into a cow so we can eat them, where, we get all the nutrition, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, that we need to grow.

What these people are doing is idiocy. And any that eat this frankenfood crap are lunatics. There is no way for them to mimic real meat. Animals are extremely complex organisms converting what is eaten through digestion into a host of chemicals, and hormones, to grow and create energy for continued life.


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"The processed food industry has spent many decades driving chronic illness that is then treated with drugs rather than a better diet. Synthetic foods will likely be an even bigger driver of chronic ill health and early death.

The fact is, fake meat and dairy cannot replace the complex mix of nutrients found in grass-fed beef and dairy, and it’s likely that consuming ultraprocessed meat and milk alternatives may lead to many of the same health issues that are caused by a processed food diet. So, if you want to really protect your health and the environment, skip pseudofoods that require patents and stick to those found in nature instead."