$3G 'Jesus Shoes' filled with holy water sell out within minutes


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That’s a holy lot of money.

A limited-edition sneaker, which is filled with holy water in the soles and blessed by a priest, sold out within minutes of its debut, despite each pair costing a whopping $3,000.

Brooklyn-based creative label MSCHF is responsible for releasing the shoe, which is a pair of all-white Nike Air Max 97s -- though the design is in no way affiliated with Nike -- that have been injected with holy water sourced from the Jordan River. The water, which is visible in the see-through sole, has some coloring added to enhance visibility, the shoe’s creator told Fox News.



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I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona that I will also sell to you....about the same price as Jesus shoes....


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Those shoes would pair well with a fragrant pope on a rope prison soap.



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I would make bet that the water came from the New York City water main. and the blessing came from the guy that thought up this farce.