6/28/2016 on 381


Just seeing if anyone knows what is going on at the Charles / PG County line on 381. This morning little after 7:00 an unmarked police car was blocking the south bound lane. As we passed in the north bound lane in front of his car was a part of a human leg and foot. I thought it was one of those prop things that people hang from the trunk of a car, but as I proceeded to work I passed K-9 units and State Troopers. One of my co-workers said that they are all there investigating.

Just seeing if anyone else saw this or heard something about it.


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I have several friends who saw it also, I have heard through hearsay that it was an accident but no one I know saw anything else that would lead them to believe there was an accident. Maybe it happened during the night and the foot was just lost in the darkness.