6 generations in 1 family


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My 90yr old grandmother has a total of 96 (blood) kids, grandkids, great-grand kids, and great-great grand kids. My relatives breed like rabbits on Cape Cod, lol


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My grandmother will turn 95 next month. She had 2 daughters (one now deceased) and a son. From those two she has 4 granddaughters between the ages of 51 to 33. She now has two great granddaughters and two great grandsons between the ages of 5 to just shy of 18.

She has left quite a legacy.


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My Grandmother turned 99 in March. I have two pictures of her with 5 generations: my Dad, me, my daughter, and my grandson. And my dad, me, missing my son because he couldn't get off work :frown:, and my granddaughter. The second picture will be 5 generations after I get my daughter to Photoshop my son into the picture. LOL