7 Major Cultural Shifts The Coronavirus Crisis Should Make Happen


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7 Major Cultural Shifts The Coronavirus Crisis Should Make Happen

1. Massive Shift in Education

As schools and universities attempt to maintain learning through screens, it’s an opportune moment to consider whether one’s schooling is really ideal if it can be credited in half the time, through worksheets and video clips, and without in-person contact. Many people who never questioned the U.S. education conveyor belt are now filling in for it, suffering through mediocre, haphazard assignments.

Parents are getting a taste of what exactly their kids do all day. Some will discover that if a layperson can do the job of a credentialed teacher in half the time, maybe that’s an indication of serious lack. Families may discover that learning outside the default is more refreshing, less stressful, and less propagandistic.

We’ve discovered that many Americans value it mostly as a babysitting service. Many governors immediately disbanded classes for a third to a half of the school year — possibly to be renewed this fall — then continued collecting children in the same buildings for daycare and government feeding, even though congregating people like that is supposed to be too dangerous to hold school itself. Then they take billions of “emergency” dollars from the generation they aren’t educating to pay for…millions of public employees getting vacation for two to three months while parents try to do their jobs using badly designed filler?

2. Prepping for Emergencies, Government Incompetence
  1. More Flexible Work Environments
  2. Better Social Norms About Sickness
  3. Basic Financial Responsibility
  4. Learning How to Live through Deprivation
  5. Revitalization of Community Relationships